In need of hookup in Columbus Ohio!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by quinn959, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Im new to grasscity and im also totally out of bud, all my usual connects are dry. Anyone interested in hookin me up? I live in the short north area.
  2. Go to the pub or something and ask around with cliche keeywords haha ie: know where to get some haze/grass/erb/green/psychoactive plant
  3. You need to read the rules here BEFORE you start posting. Asking for hookups is not allowed here.
  4. Fuck the rules man........ I say go for

    At the same time I appreciate you Pearl75 for staying on top of bums like this guy geeezzz some people.:mad:

    quinn959 get your shit together man and hit me up so I can straighten your ass out (wink..wink) now let that be a lesson to you.:smoke:
  5. this thread is so full of intelligence
  6. [quote name='"phantomxrider"']this thread is so full of intelligence[/quote]


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  7. lol niqqa got banned

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