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Discussion in 'General' started by Romer_harley210, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Trying to get seeds , any references or suggestions to get some seeds in south texas.
  2. Online just google The vault or Seedsman those are two online seedbanks that are pretty discreet and affordable. Browse the forums for reviews ect.
  3. Did you end up getting some ? I’m also in south Texas trying to get some seeds

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  4. Is it hard to get seeds in South Texas? Seems to be a theme here... oh well. I’m on the east coast and I’ve got seeds from twice and was happy both times. Arrived about 12 days after ordering and the packaging even threw me off. I didn’t realize it was my seed order until opening. (Sweet surprise) %100 germination rate so far and you can buy singles. Pretty large selection too. I have noticed a bunch of “out of stocks” recently on some favorable variety’s but all that said I wasn’t disappointed. Still have 3 strains to try growing that we’re freebies from my last order. (Skunk diesel, Sour Lemon and Chemdog #4) They don’t have all the new stuff coming out of CO. and CA. but the selection is broad to say the least. Hopefully this helps. (..and no, I do not work for GYO..)
  5. Would I have to worry about using a different card or address or everything of my own is fine ?

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  6. Really that’s up to you. If you live a lifestyle that’s warrants the attention of authorities or nosie neighbors then yes. Or, if you live with someone else that is unaware of your recreational endeavors such as parents or roommates... The charge on the card will appear to be from some investment firm (nothing weed related) and for the first order they actually called me to warn me ahead of time. If you want you could get one of those Visa gift cards from (insert name of well known store to get shit from) and use it. Only downside is it ends up costing you more with all the fees. As for packaging you should be fine, they are pretty sneaky. You probably won’t even realize what your opening until you discover the seeds.
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  7. Or, with REPUTABLE seed banks, there's always , money orders, PayPal, Bitcoin, and even plain old cash, you don't have to use a card at all if you're worried about someone seeing something.

    As far as delivery goes, he has to be aware that some places will only deliver to actual addresses so using PO boxes may be out of the question, and if he's thinking about shipping it to a friend he ha to make sure said friend isn't going to play silly buggers with the delivery and say it didn't appear.
  8. I used a website called seed supreme a few times, always delivered and nice and discreet also, it might take 10 days or so but because of that 3/3 times they chucked me in lots of good quality seeds for free along with a message saying sorry for the delay it was due to it being legalised and the new grow in demand.

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