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  1. I am trying to get all my facts straight. I an planning on growing about 6 plants. I'm trying to find a stain with a high yield and a decent thc percentage. I found a stain that's called Waikiki Queen which has a trips of 800grams per meter squared. How many grams will I get from each plant around?
  2. I have never heard of it. strains don't have anywhere near the impact that environmental conditions have on final weight so even if I knew the strain well I couldn't guess on your yield. if you told me your lights and general setup such as pot size and grow area size I could take a rough estimate on yield but that would have a give or take of quite a lot and obviously that would depend on the plants having no major problems

    there are so many strains out there to choose from it would be hard to pick one that would be best for you. my old time favorite is AK47, large yield and very potent. however there are loads of good strains out there. best advice I can give you is to go with well known popular strains, they are popular for a reason
  3. I plan on growing 10 plants in a 6x8 foot room with 7 foot ceilings. I also plan on using cfl lighting about 100 watts per plant I know that Cfls have different watts. I plan on using 5 gallon pots for the end starting from smaller to larger. Also I am using miracle gro organic soil.
  4. 17 pounds.
  5. in a room that size you will be better off using two 400w hps than ten 100w cfls

    it would be hard to narrow an amount down with a grow that big. with a relatively long veg time you should get 2-4oz per plant. so that's 20-40oz for the full 10 plants. that's on the condition nothing big goes wrong. also that's with the two 400w lamps, two 600w lamps would be much better as long as your hight and ventilation allows.

    if you used 100w cfls you should really utilize a screen to keep the canopy very close to the bulb, this may give you 2oz per plant but it will require a shit load more work
  6. I heard you could get up to 8 ounces per plant.
  7. Definitely don't count on that, especially with CFL's. I assume this is a first grow so you should really just focus on taking care of the plants and learning the ropes. The first yield will probably not be impressive. It takes time and skill to be able to get the huge yields you're seeking. I agree that you should start off with HPS lights though, you have a lot of area you want covered.
  8. Won't Cfls be cheaper on my electric bill?
  9. One or two, but a watt is a watt.. Its actually more efficient to run a HID than 237 cfls:D

    In the summer, due to heat issues, I flower with a single 400 watt air cooled light. My power bill really isnt that exspensive. I veg with a few banks of t5s and that doesnt hurt me either.

    The yeild is what its about as well. Ive seen alot of good grows with cfls, but Im not looking to be good, I want to maximize what Im doing. I want every cent of electricity to equate to product, and have proper yeilds, in a timely fashion.
  10. 8 ounces per plant with cfl's?

    And then Miracle Grow soil to boot???

    Lol this I gotta see!

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  12. you heard wrong

    to get that much per plant you would have to use a 400w on it alone, and veg for ages so its huge. waste of time in my opinion. you will get far more bud from your place with lots of small plants

    2x 400w hps will cost you about 800-900watts
    10x 100w cfls will cost you about 1100watts
    and the double hps set up will give you more light. the heat will be about the same
  13. if you want big yields you can in that space. if your ventilation allows it use 2x 600watt hps. buy 32x 1ft wide pots. square if you can get them. have 4x4 plants under each lamp. clones will be needed really otherwise your going to have a problem with different heights. you should get 1-2oz from each plant giving you a total of 32-64oz per harvest, you should be able to harvest every 3 months.

    however, my advice to you is grow a small number of plants first, just to make all your mistakes on, you will make mistakes and running one light will cost you so much less than two just incase you balls the whole thing up. it happens a lot. also caring for 32 plants when you have never grown before is just too much to take on.

    4 plants under one lamp will have you learning the basics. after you have done that and all being well, step up to the proposed 32 plant sea of green set up
  14. Thank you guys so much !!
  15. OP - take the advice of using HPS lighting to heart - it's the best advice you'll get.

    As far as soil goes, that Miracle Grow soil is THE WORST soil you can buy or use on your plants. Take a look here -

    You will find better and more effective options in those pages.

    Don't waste your time with CFLs and that nasty soil in your room. Your call.


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