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In Need Of Help Please!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by djsneakers3750, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. what's up guys and new to thing forum.. well i have a question and i need help asap.. so i applied for a job for a hospital im in and everything but i kinda fucked up.. the last time i smoked was on December 9th..i dont really smoke every day just like about 2 or three times a week and that not even every week at that.. i smoke like a blunt or hit from a pipe.. well back to the story i had a drug test taken on the 18th of december and since the 9th ive only been drinking water and cranberry juice.. i took the drug test but before that i took the detox drink.. so my questions are do you think i passed and how long do you think ill get my results back or something like that my urine was sent to quest diagnostics.. any help guys i would really appreciate it i cant fuck this opportunity up im so nervous thanks again..
  2. Nothing can really be done now, since the test is already over. Having one of us guess if what was in your system at the time was detectable won't help.

    Just wait to find out. If it was before the test, you could have done some more to get it out of your system.

    If it helps, I'd say you probably passed.
  3. honsetly, I think you'll be fine. Only time can tell though.
  4. does anyone know how long until they get the results..? thanks
  5. any one know how long it takes to get results back??????
  6. no one can tell you how long it's going to take...I would honestly say that you passed. I was in a similar situation on a simliar timeframe as you. I did the whole water and cranberry juice thing, but not the detox drink. I passed with flying colors :)
  7. take a deep breath man. It's going to be fine..
  8. From my experience you don't get the results back. The results get sent to the company or business and then continue the hiring process. If you get the job, you passed the drug test. If you get rejected, you may have failed the drug test, or they just didn't like you. The hospital might not do it that way, I've never worked at a hospital, but this is how I've seen it done at companies.
  9. Also, be happy they didn't test your hair for drugs. My friend got an internship where they tested his hair, it lasts a while in there. Crazy shit.
  10. thanks guys..well actually i was told i start on jan 5th and i got the drug test on the 18th... im guessing if i dont hear anything tomorrow i guess its a go and everything went well thanks again
  11. Relax. Smoke a blunt and celebrate your new job :-D
  12. Just be sure not to call them and ask if you passed :D
  13. dam dude i hope you pass deff tell us when you no ur relaults id like to no
  14. wat up.. well its been a couple days since i took my test.. im guessing everything went good but im still keeping my fingers crossed..

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