in need of good weed!

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  1. Hi im looking for a few very large yielding strains without sacraficeing pontcey. Im growing for my grandparents, my grandpa has Severe chronic pain from nerve damage and tends to smoke alot because of the pain (about 10 grams a week or more). We are intrested in growing because we cant afford the expensive medicine from the dispensary. I recently grew a white rhino and got a little less then a half pound which he smoked it all before it got a proper cure. We really enjoyed the smoke but our problem is that it didn't last that long, and can only have a couple plants at a time. So im looking for a few strains that produce very high thc levels and large yields that can last him a little while between crops. I live in southeast Az and im growing outdoors. can anyone help me out?
  2. Wrong forum bro
  3. you want a 1 LB per plant @ 20+% THC? you need to read some more.....

    I suggest you learn how to grow "well" first...the yields and potency will follow.

    Example, White Rhino can yield up to 10 LBs if grown right outdoors.
  4. Youre not gonna get 20% thc no matter what if you dont know how to grow quality buds in the first place

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