In Need of Diagnosis Help (pics)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Smalltimefarmer, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Hi Grasscity forums,

    Long-time lurker here, finally made an account to get some much-needed diagnosis help. There seems to be something wrong with my plants.

    INFO: I have five of them, grown indoors in a grow tent, usually 50% humidity or lower, 80 degrees Fahrenheit, MiracleGro Moisture-Control soil, just being watered, no fertilizer or extra nutrients, 5-gallon pots. This is my first "official" time growing, as the actual first time was just one in a closet. After entering the flowering phase, it was discovered to be a male so I didn't get any further than that.

    These are auto-feminized AK47s, and about two weeks ago, I noticed some yellowing at the edges of some of the leaves, which has spread to kind of a "spot" situation.

    It is on more than one plant, however not all of them. There seems to be no visible signs of pests, although if you told me they were being eaten, I'd believe you because that's what it could look like to me. My plant friends (just plant, not mj) tell me it might be light burn, so I lifted my lights and nothing changed, whatever it is just continued to progress.

    It also concerns me that they have all seemed to stop growing or theyre growing very slowly, so if that could be connected at all, I thought you should know.

    Anybody out there think these look familiar in any way? Also, tips appreciated as I'm having so much fun with this grow and they need to get better. Thanks in advance.


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  2. Hi mate,

    Are you adjusting PH in soil ?
    If so, immediately stop doing that and just give plain tap ! Introducing acids to soil, kills off the bacteria species... they are initially there to feed the plant AND they maintain correct soil ph... if you kill those, yr soil ph will get out of whack and all sorts of weird deficiency's can start to pop up, i'm pretty sure its a PH related problem
  3. Hey! That sounds like it makes sense, but I don't adjust my PH I just use water from the spicket outside but I will get a PH test and see if I can eliminate this theory.
  4. Looks like maybe a potassium deficiency. Not sure about the MiracleGro. Might want to look at the bag and make sure they are getting what they need. Also like Doken said, They may not be able to absorb the potassium unless it's the right PH level. Aim for 6.00-7.00 PH for soil. You can get a cheap tester on amazon for like 15 bucks.
  5. One is on its way, along with a potassium fix. Thank you. I'll update this in a week or so if I notice any changes!
  6. Good, I hope it helps! That miracleGro could be a problem honestly, It's considered a slow release kind of soil and keeps high levels of nitrogen along the life of the plant which isn't good in the flowering stage, also it has low potassium so that could be the explanation for the deficiency, if that ends up being the case. You should get some good quality soil, will probably be less problems down the road. But let us know how it goes

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