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  1. First off, im new to this site, im new to growing but im fully capable of obtaining anything neccesary for harvesting large amounts of high grade bud. Im hoping that someone would post images/drawings/blueprints etc. on what they've found successful. Preferable someone who has done multiple harvests with positive results. So that i know some ideas that defintely work and exactly what they look like and can make my own designs/adaptations from it.
  2. k scratch all of that, i dont seem to understand the different stages of growing just by looking at the message boards and help guides ive seen. I know so far that theres

    Sprouting (or whatever you call it)
    and Harvesting, i read from the message boards that theres something called veg or vegitation but i dont see what it means exactly in accordance to growing. can somebody plz just tell me?
  3. Hey man
    Just search and search what you want or need to cant just get someone to write or paste up everything about growing....theres alot to it...but it is pretty easy to get one going....heres are good growguide...start with this first...

    Veg or vegitation is the growth period between "sprouting" and "flowering or budding" its when the plant grows all of its nodes (pretty much branches) untill it has reached the desired height to be flowerd. You can flower a plant at whatever height you want. All you have to do is change the ammount of light it gets. IE when you first germinate your plants you would have a fluro light on for between 18-24 hours....during veg you have it on for 18-24 hours (best light to use for veg is called a mh light (metal halide) then when you want to flower the plant you change the light schedule to 12/12 12 hours of light and 12 hours of COMPLETE darkness...if you let them get light whilst in flowering when they are in their dark period it can change them form being a beautiful female to a ugly hermie (hermies have are both male and female and will polinate itsself...leaving you with seedy bud

    Happy growing and just remember to read read read

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