In need of ASAP feedback on Plexiglass growbox idea.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Bi0hazard, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. After hearing tips about putting a piece of glass under HPS lights to reduce the heat it transmits on to the plant. I came up with the idea of using plexiglass to make my first grow box. The box heigh would be 5 foot 4 inches, the width would be 2 feet wide, while the depth would be 1 foot 4 inches. I will be growing with a 400 watt HPS light which has a reflector and will be lowered in through the open top of the growing box with chains. Since it was recommended to have glass in front of the light to reduce heat I figured using plexiglass would not be a heat issues where the plexiglass could not handle the heat of the HPS. The outside of the plexiglass will be painted black while the inside will be painted white to relect the light within. I was also thinking of drilling some holes into the side of the plexiglass to allow greater ventilation inside the box. The questions I have are First, is using plexiglass ok? and secondly does any have any tips, recommendations, ideas of things that could go wrong, or ways to counter what could go wrong? and anything else that could make this growbox better. Any help is wanted and very much appreciated. Thank you for the time you have already spent reading my post, and I look forward to hearing your replies. I also apologize for the short time in which this needs to be done (later on tonight), I hope that is enough time to get the help I need. Again thank you.

  2. i am asuming you want to use plexiglass as the walls of your grow box. I guess you probally could, but light leaks would be my big concern. I would recomend just using plywood, its cheaper and won't leak light.
  3. You might get the green house effect doing that dude.

    I think glass is in the reflectors to keep the heat from the bulb contained. That way people can run direct ventalation throught the bulb and a separate ventalation for the grow.

    That way they can vent the light without having to vent the whole grow. (This could save on co2 etc).

    ..............I don't know man, I don't know much about grow box design but I think plexiglass wouldn't be the best idea.
  4. Thank you...

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