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Discussion in 'General' started by HerbalHarmony, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. Ok, so I have two things I need advice about two things and if anyone here can help I would be eternally grateful!
    First, I am a cigarette smoker, have been for about 10 years. I'm starting to feel like it might be time to quit but I have tried to in the past unsuccessfully. I have tried several methods including the patch and nothing has worked! Anyway if there are any former nicotine addicts here I would love some advice and pointers!
    Second, I started dreading my hair about six months ago but there hasn't been much progress. I don't know if anyone here has dreads but on this too I would love any pointers anyone might have for me!

    Peace, love, and ganja!
  2. i started in 71 and smoked till 91 when my brother mike had a heart attack after thanks giving dinner i try to quit but that did not work you have to quit for your self! i quit cold turkey and wish i had before that! i gewed gum till i was over it it took about three weeks the frist being the worst but i am glad i did! good luck and what you look like is not as good as what you should fell!tazz11
  3. Smoked for 25 years. Quit 5 weeks ago. The way I did it was to not quit as kneejerk reaction. I wanted to quit, but I set a date 2 months in the future. Then I was aware of every one I lit. Put off smoking the one's you like the best, i.e. after dinner, coffee, etc. Then when your stop date arrives, find something to do with your hands, you decide what it is. It was cinnamon toothpicks for me. Tell all of your loved one's near by to tolerate you and let you be an asshole for a week or so. Then figure out how much money you're saving everyday. I think I've kicked them this time! Although it still is'nt easy, none of the patches or pills helped me. Good luck! PM me if you need a support group!

    I guess ya know to have some good pot around to help, don't ya?
  4. i kicked the nic just about 2 years ago. i kinda like you decided i was about time.
    when i began to chainsmoke (camel light no-less :)) easily a pack a day, i also planned my quitting day too, it was exactly 2 weeks after my husband i wanted to be sure he was serious... .lol he was
    p.s. he used patches
  5. Thanks for the tips everyone. I think that picking a date in the future will be my first step.....cold turkey has never worked before! As for the dread question, I didn't ask to receive negative comments (unoit!).

  6. I quit cigarettes 2 1/2 months ago after 15 years. Sounds like you'll do it the right way which is to not quit in haste. As long as you know you're ready you'll love being a non-smoker (cigarette smoker, lol). I'm finishing my last month of zyban, that's all I used. Of course you should join some quit smoking forums, it really helps. Once you see how pointless smoking cigarettes is you'll see that you can and will quit. I do think that smoking weed helps. If I really want that sensation of smoke going into my lungs then I'll just take a hit, lol, at least you get something out of weed.

    I'm really glad to see other people who quit cigs but still smoke weed out there :)
  7. awww man ya shoulda kept the pic, it was kinda funny......that is if ones not in the midst of TWO crisies...
  8. Hey didn't piss me off, I've just been a bit cranky lately cause my boyfriend is on my ass to quit smoking and he's making me feel like I'm gross or something. I mean I know it's a filthy habit but I need support from him not negativity. Sorry if I was hasty in my last reply.

    Peace, love, and ganja!

    P.S. you actually should have kept the pic.....after my initial reaction I got a good chuckle from it!
  9. that razors nothing man i here the navy's working on a v6 super charged stealth modle and it well only cost the tax payers $20,000 a cut! lol
  10. Haha I was going to say, moving in with my boyfriend essentially made me quit! Slow and steady, that's the way to do it. I agree, set a date in the future, and be sure to stop buying cigarettes about a week ahead of time so you don't feel "obliged" to finish that last pack.

    Good luck! It's hard, I know, but once you quit your lungs will be much happier :)
  11. smoked since i was 12. tried to quit in a half assed kinda way for 6 years then this last year i got serious. managed to quit through chewing on pens and a fear of dying. It did almost kill me because i have raynauds syndrome... nothing helps you quit as much as fear.

    it aint easy, but as long as the people around you understand that u r being an asshole because of withdrawl symtoms, it should be ok.


    ps Dont be putting any tobacco in your joints ... obviously. Bongs Rule!

    pps My sence of smell only returned a few days ago... boy do i stink.
  12. lol Digit. I used to smoke blunts with this guy whenever he came by, once every other week or so, when I quit cigs I realized that I will never smoke a blunt again. I'm glad too cuz you're right, bongs rule!
  13. ive been smoken for ni on 30 years and them bong thingys are for the wiper snippers! i roll it i smoke it ! i get fucked up! and lol.....
  14. I will have seven years without a cigarette.A true miracle.
    First...I think you really have to want to quit.For me,it also helped that I had a lot of toking material,to cut down on the cravings.Being stoned cut down on that part.

    I've gained 40 lbs. though,so my new years res. is to loose it.=-)

    Dreds start the best if you swing your hair dry after you shower.Just whip your head around until the waters gone.

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