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  1. Hello. First time grower here. This summer I'm growing a high CBD strain (acdc) outdoors. I'm experimenting and trying to have some fun too. These plants are roughly 20 - 25 days old. They took off fairly quickly but recently pumped the breaks and started growing slowly. I'm almost certain I have been giving them too much water so I'm currently letting the dirt dry out completely until the next water. Majority of the plants are turning yellow and a few have brown spots on the leaves. Some of the plants look pretty healthy though. I was wondering what these spots could be and if I can still save them from dying. Is there anything I can do at this point to save the unhealthy plants? Any advice would be great.

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  2. Looks like maybe a little nute burn on some and a bit of magnesium deficiency on others.

    Over watering can cause nute lockout but, they're a bit young still to be giving them much for nutes. I'd flush them after they dry out and just give a little calmag.
  3. What type of soil is that? Do you have perlite mixed in?

    Go to Home Depot and get a bag of Black Magic Potting Soil and a 5 dollar bag of perlite and transplant them. The soil will have enough nuts to last about 1 month.

    For 25 days ,those seedlings look tiny. At 25 days, I have about 3 to 4 nodes and shoots going.

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