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  1. I have a 2x2x5 grow tent, right now I have a 250 watt MH bulb in but I'm having a hard time with way too high temps (like 93-97). Now, I thought this would be solved after switching lights, at first I had a 600 watt bulb in and I was having the same temps.
    Round one:
    600 watt mh/hps
    6 inch fan
    3 plants in 3 gallon pots
    Temps were upwards of 95
    Now here round two:
    Same tent
    250 watt mh/hps
    Two 6-inch fans
    1 plant, 3 gallon pot
    Temps are 93-97
    I also have all 3 vents open on the tent.
    Thank you
  2. I bought a small tent at first but it was way too small for even a 150 watt hps. Way too much heat. I had three fans and all vents open. It was pushing 90. I still have the tent but no longer use it. Someday I'll put it back together and use it for seedlings. Best of luck
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  3. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated. Kind of wishing I would've went with the 3x3.. I think I'll need an inline or something to help.
  4. Do you have the light in an air cooled hood with an inline exhaust fan?
  5. Wow a 600w in a 2x2'? No wonder you were over heated. What exhaust fan are you using? Cheap quality fans don't perform as good as good quality fans. The two things you should never cheap out on is the carbon filter and exhaust fan
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  6. I need a quality air scrubber what one do you recommend

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  7. I will only use Rhino Pro filters. They last me a full year and work perfectly. Prima Klima are good but after about 6 months they need to be replaced.

    If you don't live in the UK then Rhino Pro might not be available to you. I have heard Phresh are good, but I don't think they are sold in the UK
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  8. Thanks I bought the phresh filter

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  9. No. It's an open reflector, and I don't have an exhaust fan
  10. Yes. 600 watt was an error on my end for misreading some info. But I have a 250 in there now. I also don't have an exhaust fan
  11. Ah man. I run 400 in my personal 2x3 tent. Temps can be a bitch.

    Get yourself a good inline fan and a cool tube. My temps Max out at 83 and that's in the middle of high desert heat.
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  12. By inline is that the same as exhaust fan? Newbie here. also, you mean a cool tube reflector?
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  13. Yes I certainly do. Lol.
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  14. Yeah you definitely need an exhaust fan. The air becomes hot, and packed with water & oxygen. This air needs to be removed and fresh air brought in to replace it.

    With an area of that size and running a 250w you would only need a 4" exhaust fan. This will probably run you up about £50 ($70) for a decent brand
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  15. Thank you very much. At this point I think what will solve my problem is getting the exhaust fan and putting an AC (window) unit into the room that the tent is in. No central air in that room and it's hot, outside the tent.
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  16. Be careful with a ac inside the room any air outside the tent will smell like weed which will then be vented outside the ac unit into wherever the window leads.....hopefully not someone's yard or out into the street. I had to slowly buy things to my room and there is always something else I need. Get a decent Carbon filter as well as the inline fan probably around a 90cfm would be enough for your small garden. I wouldn't wanna see you get in trouble because smell.

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  17. Thank you very much for that advice as I didn't think to consider the air would also circulate through the AC (duh ) but I'll ensure that I get a carbon filter and an inline fan. Thanks
  18. I switched it around so my lights were on from
    8p-2p in attempt to cool it down by running the lights mostly at night. It's helped. The temps ranged from 84-90 through the night. As of 6 am it's 88. High but much less than 93-99, which is what I had when my lights were on mostly throughout the day.
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  19. Yeah I forgot to mention that is how I do it

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