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in need of a valid point why pot is okay

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sx420, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. 1) If you want to hide the smell of a pipe, take a sock and put some dryer fabric softener sheets in it. Next, take another sock and put your pipe/weed in it and put that sock in the one with the dryer sheets in it. This blocks the smell pretty well and you can hide it in a sock drawer. If your mom checks your drawers, you could create a hollow compartment in a dictionary. That hides it and blocks the smell pretty well too.
    2) If you're worried about the smell of the smoke, just make a sploof to blow the smoke through and spray some air freshener.
    3) Tell your mom that weed isn't addictive, it doesn't cause brain damage, and it has not killed a single person EVER, so it is really less harmful than alcohol.
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    1. if your worried about thr smell of a pipe, get a vaporizer.
    2. if your worried about smell of smoke, get a vaporizer.
    3. Tell your mom you got a vaporizer.

    Send her this link and if she simply REFUSES to read it, come out to her when she is cooking or something and say "Mom, im sorry i have to say this, but your ignorant" and leave it at that.

    and maybe this too, just to show the things it does to your body:
    Be responsible in everyday life and use responsibly too, dont travel in cars with paraphenalia or use in the open, thats just asking to get caught, and then she will be super pissed with no way to talk yourself out of it.

    Good luck, and dont get in trouble with the law, its much worse then anything your mom could say about it.
  3. I do as it is, but it's winter and I dont want to freeze my ass off to go and smoke a bowl..
    I've resorted to simply smokin in my bathroom with the fan on and febreeze handy.. works fine but they never leave the house so it gets on my nerves. and yeah your probably right about her rejecting the points

  4. Could i smoke in my room using this method?
  5. You should be maintaining a steady successful life even if you're smoking pot, if you are then there's your point right there. If you're not, your mom might be right.

  6. not necessarily true. I'm in college that is a 10 minute drive from my house leaving no point in having to pay for a dorm.

  7. Yeah im going to watch it with her tomorrow. Though in turn she probably wont change her view on the topic I just think that she bases her primary views on the substance based on the media and etc about the drug being "bad" and hiding the truth of the substance.

  8. Take my advice^^^^^^^

    And with that attitude you will never convince anyone.

  9. So basically just get a vaporizer? how the hell am i gunna hide that thing lol
  10. WOW man im sorry but maybe your mommy is right about you, you shoudlnt be using drugs if you cant even read or do research.
    How the FUCK do you hide smoking paraphenalia then? which BTW smells much much more then any vaporizer. Get a Magic Flight launch box, its less then 100 bucks and portable and fits in the fucking palm of your hand. Its literally smaller then a dollar bill folded in half. Not trying to sound like a bitch im just taking this seriously.

    And if you read all of my posts in this thread you would figure out i said mor ethen to "just get a vaporizer"
  11. This is exactly right. You can throw out any statistic you like, but if you don't have your shit together that is all she will see. Sometimes I see posts here on GC where people act tough and pride themselves on disrespectful stupid behavior. Actions like that just reinforce the negative stereotypes prohibitionists have. By leading a productive life and being a decent and respectful person you'll find you have a lot more credibility with her and only then will she be open to reason. Note, I'm not saying you are a punk, just commenting on what doesn't work, for all I know you could have a 4.0 GPA and help little old ladies across the street.

    Also, I would try to find out what part of it concerns her the most. For a lot of parents, the major worry isn't that cannabis is dangerous, but rather it's the danger or arrest and having a record that will follow you and close doors. Once you know what her concerns are you'll be in a much better position to address them, and that will be far more effective than quoting statistics or having her watch The Union. The Union is a great film, and speaks to the wider issue of cannabis prohibition quite well, but if it doesn't touch on the things that concern her it won't be effective. Putting a kid in front of the tv is lazy parenting, and putting your mom in front of a tv is lazy advocacy for something you probably believe in quite deeply.

  12. Im just lookin now and see the little mini vaporizers, and hiding the pipes and stuff are easy because they're small-ish and just generally easy to hide. I was unaware that they made vaporizer's that are small because i've only seen ones that are the size of a small box before i decided to look them up. And i did read all the posts and I responded to them. Im going to watch it with her tomorrow and then probably order a 'Magic Flight Launch Box' wether or not it change's her outlook.
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    this times six hundred billion if anything dude it will certainly change her view on medical marijuana
  14. Thanks, and please explain how smoke IS bad for you, whether you smoke weed, cigs,salvia, or your hair. Smoke is smoke and burning anything contains carcinogens.

  15. Yeah I've already beat you there. I'll just buy the vape and be done with it all.

    Thanks all!
  16. 3 statements

    weed when vaped or eatin= 100% harmless

    weed makes you feel good

    weed is illegal because of racism and lies

    ^^^ fuck all that nvm just have her watch "the union"

  17. lol yeah we just finished watching it, and all that you said is true.
    Her response: "Im not going to say it's ok for you to do it, and I hope you make the right choice and dont. Just be smart." So yeah thats about it, im investing in a vape tomorrow.

    Thanks again all.
  18. just get her to smoke and she will know right then and there why you smoke weed
  19. easier said then done.

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