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in need of a valid point why pot is okay

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sx420, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. I was caught by my mom a few months ago, and just started smoking again about a month ago and am already sick of having to try and do anything to hide the smell, the pipe and of course the weed. I've tried to reason with my mom the first time i was caught, but she wouldn't budge primarily because I dont belive i had a valid enough point.

    A little background on my mom: She hasn't ever smoked pot once in her life, know's of people whom have gotten messed up, and deep in to hard drugs all starting with pot i.e the "gateway drug" and is convinced that pot is very bad for your health, in comparison to cig's

    What do you think I should say to her to make her be more accepting of my usage?
    What point should I use to prove her beliefs either wrong, or possible?
  2. Say "fuck off mum, you crazy bum."
  3. show her the union:the business behind getting high.
  4. Well to start, one of her beliefs that is wrong is that pot is more unhealthy for you than cig's because that is deffinitely untrue. And honestly, I have been hiding it from my parents for years and if they catch me, my argument is going to be that I use it as a medicine and just because it isn't "legal" where I live, doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to medicate. I think this is the best argument you can use and if she is worried about your lungs tell her you will buy a vaporizer because that cuts out all of the carcinogens.
  5. [ame=""]This[/ame]
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    Explain to her that important things such as education, job, and other things alike are not changed by you smoking marijuana. Also explain to her that although marijuana has bad shit for your lungs just like cigarettes, you don't smoke 20 joints a day, because thats unreasonable. You might also consider telling her that 13 states and more to come are legalizing marijuana for medical purposes because that shit gets the job done for many many illnesses that other medications treat too, but without those medications terrible symptoms.

    If it does change your grades, job, and other things alike... then you can't use that obviously but the second holds true.
  7. You shouldnt need to explain it to her. If you are indeed 18, then go on your own way for a while....make sure you accomplish something, like go get on the deans list in college, buy a new car with your new job....ect. Then say, "mom....I smoked pot everyday"

  8. I have told her multiple times that the weed isn't nearly as bad for you as any tobacco product. Her argument is how im taking it in to my system, and i have no reason to use it (which she is right, but i'm still thinkin of a reason lol) I'll try and throw the medical statistic at her and see what her response is.
  9. if people can drink and lead a normal life than you can smoke pot and lead a normal life because marijuana doesnt even do a fraction of the damage alcohol does to your body and brain. and its non addictive which means you wont be fiending for a high or do things that affect your life to get high.

    and the gate way theory is bullshit. weed doesnt make you do other drugs. thats all on the person.
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    Use numbers.

    Number of people who die from cigarettes every year: 400,000 [1 in 5 deaths in the U.S]
    Number of people who die from prescription drugs every year: 200,000
    Number of people who die from alcohol every year: 100,000 [Half of ALL traffic fatalities in the U.S. Involved in 1 in 4 violent crrimes.]
    Number of people who die from aspirin every year: 500 [In only 100 or so years.]
    Number of people who die from marijuana: 0 [In 5,000 years.]
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    It's her house so it's her rules. Sure you can try to convince her, but until then, if you can't hide the smell and you're so tired of trying to do so, then go smoke at a friends house or find a spot near your house where you can smoke.

    Either that or move out.

    Convincing her shouldn't be too hard though, just try to get her to tell you exactly why she doesn't like it and then explain to her that you use it responsibly and she shouldn't judge weed based on how it is portrayed by the media and popular culture. Also explain to her that it's been used for thousands and thousands of years and human technological evolution never came to a halt because of that. It is new that weed is ILLEGAL, not the other way around. (If it were legalized). The Dutch are known for smoking a shitload of weed, do a little bit of research on the Dutch in the 1800s and explain to her all their amazing advances and achievements. Hell, the entire Netherlands are more or less known for smoking weed, and they are the most peaceful and liberal of nations.

    Also, explain to her that Barack Obama and MANY other respectable figures in business, sciences, philosophy and other fields have smoked regularly in at least one part of their lives. Some even on the daily basis. The fuck-up weedheads would have been fuck ups without out (it would have been something else eg.alcohol), it's just used as an excuse by those who don't see the bigger picture.
  12. give her some

  13. Start eating it. No damage to the lungs. Or invest in a vaporizer and tell her you'll only use that way.

    Or suck it up and move out. That's what I did. Much easier to hide.

    show her some medical studies of marijuana. I bet they'll prove her wrong on every point she has.
  14. hey man, what if you told her that it helps you with your depression and helps you sort your life out.
  15. your moms just going to veto your point's validty anyway, so why not just do it behind her back?
  16. Agreed...but I don't promote anyone under 18 from smoking or doing any kind of substance to get a high except sugar.
  17. of course not... i mean, he wouldnt even be here if he wasnt 18......
  18. Make her watch The union, it will explain it much better than you could. I dought she will change her views on it though.

    To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant.
  19. This was what i was going to say.
    Just go to Google video, search for "The union" with the "s

    OR buy it on DVD so its easier to watch on the tv with parents.
  20. And, does either of your parents smoke cigarettes? Drink alcohol? Drink caffeine? Take prescription pills? All of those things are MUCH worse then cannabis, and cannabis is probably the only thing that wont killl you. Even water can kill you, drink too much (i think the overdose is about 8gal in an hour or so) and your body wont be able to balance out and maintain homeostasis, and then its easy to die.

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