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In my experience there have only been three strains of marijuana ever sold to me.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by whiteka6, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Dank weed, shitty weed, and Manassas Crunch.

    I have never bought weed with any other name. Nobody ever knows what strain it is.
  2. Here where I am in Aus I have also never had the privilege of knowing any strains... though recently I was told that bubblegum kush HAD appeared on my guy's radar... you also hear about white widow, but honestly as far as street dealing is concerned it's more of a myth... always the friend of the friend who got it from some guy who was never seen again...
    Not to say I've not had good weed... the only time was getting shitty weed was when I was getting it free :p

    THIS is why I want to grow my own :(
  3. It's quite common for strain names to be entirely pulled out of your dealer's ass.

    In my experience, strains are like car manufacturers. Sure you're going to care if it's a Honda or Toyota when you're buying a 10 year old used car, but the important element is how it was treated during that 10 year period. The most amazing strain in the world grown and harvested by inept people will be shit. Conversely, terrible strains grown by excellent growers can be excellent.

  4. Very true...I submit M-39 as evidence of this truth. The strain itself is absolutely fucking awesome! But the morons up North whole grow it commercially don't trim it well or dry it properly, and sometimes allow it to rot and mold if they get really behind. I've seen M-39 grown out by someone on GrassCity (Maybe NY Purple Haze!?!?) and I was shocked and awe'd!
  5. Well, judging from the three strains, I am pretty sure that you would really want to smoke the bubblegum Kush. Why don’t you give it a try then?

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