In my 14th week or longer, still clear Tri's and white hairs...WTH?

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    She is a pure Indica, but 14 weeks +?? This is getting beyond silly now....alot of hairs are red, but still white going on leaves dying off now too...I am having to tie the main 4 colas up and 4 of the "side" buds due to the overwhelming weight :)D).

    Pics are posted here:

    Forum code wont let me repost are at the end of the thread...which no one would reply on.

    Is 16 weeks it (the longest any MJ plant will grow)? I mean, this baby is bumper and gonna yeild a huge amount, but....getting kinda ludacris with the time frame.

    Replys very welcome and I thank for you taking the effort! :)
  2. That doesn't look like a pure sativa if I'm looking at the right pictures. Those buds look like indica buds.

    What lighting are you using? What cycle? What are you using to look at your trichomes?
  3. I'm sorry, are you actually asking if a marijuana plant can live for more than 4 months?

    you need to step into the outdoor grow forum...
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    Yea, actually....this is not outdoor, I know all about outdoor, hence why I was asking the questions. My bad for not being more clear? But thanks? :confused:

    Bloom for 4 months? Yea. But longer, NO.
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    Sorry man, I meant Indica...been one heck of a day...

    600w HPS, alot of cooling (Vortex inline, etc) soil....(what do you mean cycle? been on 12/12 for 14+ weeks, lol)

    Looking at Trichromes with the standard pocket scope, 200x...(that most growers use) some are milky but most clear, but I never go by those to harvest...I go by the look of her...white hairs say "no I am not ready to harvest" + the look of the Tri's

    I am not exactly a noob, so forgive me, but I am very new to soil and a pure Indica...been a hydro guy and a 50.50 hybrid for past 10 yrs...done outdoor too, but this is my first soil grow with a pure Indica. Thanks for helping.

    I am just making sure I am not doing something silly wrong. Thanks. (and starting to grow a bit impatient, hence the Post)
  6. ok, so you're saying bloom for 4 months

    sounded like you were asking if it would live >4 months... outdoor or indoor, I'm pretty sure you can keep cannabis alive a lot longer than that, given enough room/soil and water/nutes
  7. Yes, meaning Bloom stage...I can veg a plant for years...have many times. (mothers)

    Sorry, I was not very clear...thanks for taking the time to reply :)

  8. For sure, something just didn't sound right. :laughing:

    I'm going to try a strong outdoor grow this year, see if I can't have 4 mothers in 5 gal pots ready for some good summer sun. Probably going to get seeds going around April for a May planting, shoot for late August flowering... any tips?
  9. Yea, 2 things.

    1. Strong & Healthy rooted "clones" (or seedlings)

    2. Easily accessible area (you dont wanna go on 4 mile hikes with 5 gal of water or tools strapped to your back) that you know wont get robbed/looted, or worse, BUSTED.

    Other than that, you are at the mercy of the elements...yes, you can feed/water when there is a drought, but bugs, GL!

  10. Backyard, medical state :cool:

    Gonna start them under my seedling t5's maybe a month before, then transplant to big buckets outside and go big :ey:
  11. Medical state here too :D

    Yea, nice...but thieves you have to worry about now, not the po-po, lol.

    GL! The T5 384w should get it really going! (I have one.)

  12. There's stuff worth far more in my backyard, and they'll be indoors at night... not too worried in my 'hood

    t5 is just 4x 26w (with an identical second setup once they go to 2 gal pots)

    plenty to start, sun gets the work done

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