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in movies they never clear the bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedisnoweed, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Am I the only one who has noticed that in a movie if they hit a bong, they just don't clear it they let the smoke sit there. This happens in Harold and Kumar, Wilfred, and many other movies where they smoke. They really just don't clear it, and it kind of pisses me off.
  2. it's not like it's worth clearing,
    not weed in thur.
  3. They don't clear so that there will be more smoke in the air looks better on camera...:smoking:
  4. regardless at least like make look a little realistic
  5. fair enough, but still i just dont like seeing that bong with smoke like slowly flowing out of the top
  6. Plus the shit theyre smokin is as above pster said not real and i sure wouldn't wanna clear a bong of that shit....
  7. I watched a show on tv where (the one dude that slept with the old lady) in grandmas boy talked about how they gave Dante a bag of fake weed for the smoking scenes. And he said that he decided to put real weed in instead, and they kept doing a bong hit scene. Dude said he was blitZed at the end.

    And cheech and chong- I bet my big penis they didn't use fake shit except for maybe the insanely big J.
  8. It's just for camera effect man.
    I swear people find the dumbest shit to be mad about sometimes.
  9. Haha, forreal ^. Aside from the movies Shibby pointed out, almost any movie produced by a big budget company will not let real weed be used on set.

    So, they either use tobacco (in the scenes where something is already rolled/packed and you can't see it), or fake weed, a mix of herbs (when bags are shown, or packing/rolling process is shown before smoking).

    Either way, you aren't gonna wanna hit that bong like you're goin' for it all. That shit's probably nasty.
  10. HA! I was going to say they do that shit on Wilfred!
  11. Yeah i saw that on Wilfred and i almost shit myself. i wanted to reach into the tv and clear it for him even if its not real.
  12. holy shit that s soo true ! hahah
  13. As people pointed out earlier that shit ain't real and i bet it tasted gnarly as hell. So i don't blame 'em for not clearing it :)

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