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Discussion in 'General' started by Xaijiqq, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. maybe its just cus i am bored or wanna relive fairytale's but

    how many of u r with another and one of u smokes/the other don't?

    every girl i meet preaches against the shit
  2. well actually it's the other way around for me. my husband and i've been together 10yrs. i smoke he doesn't. he used to. now it's just me. he gets on my case sometimes but i smoke outside and we have 2 kids so ya know. just gotta watch what your doin.
  3. we both smoke, but not often together :D
    you'll find yer girl.

    believe in love, fairytales and friendship....
  4. yepyep..I'd love to be with a girl who I just express stuff SO much better when im smokin.
  5. I wouldn't be able to spend intimate quality time with another who was against how I choose to live my life. A person has to dig you for who you are and let's face it, having a relationship with MaryJane isn't just something you do, it's part of who you are.

    I'm with Higha...believe in fairytales, trust in love and enjoy friendships.

    The universe will one day unite you with your soulmate or whatever you choose to call her and she will be perfect for you. Life will be wonderful and you'll have your fairytale. Stop searching and it will happen for you sooner than you think.(It's apparent that I believe in fairytales!!! :) )
  6. Came real close to marrying a non-smoker long ago and far away. Her mom found out I had "experimented" with pot. She put an end to the relationship. Hated her then. If I saw her now I'd give her a big ol' kiss! That's really saying something. The woman was uglier than a bowling shoe even back then.

    All will happen in good time. Chances are that events have already been set in motion that will result in you finding someone.
  7. Relax-you know what they say about a friend with her up and smoke her out, and if it is meant to be-then so be it. I agree with Higha and RMJL-believe in faiery tales, love.....

    Good Luck!
  8. yah my girl fraind is difernt she would much rather me sell than smoke but she dont mind if i smoke just long as i dont do it around her or talke about it around her but yah she dont mind to muchthow
  9. i was going to make a very legitimate post but i got an excrutiating back pain..dear god it hurts.....annoying little nerve bitches.
  10. i love being able to share mj with someone that i really care about. like this morning-the guy i'm dating (travis) and i were layin in my bed. he got up to go to work then decided to call in. so, we layed in my bed and his arm was under my back and we smoked a bowl just layin down chillin. i held the bowl up to his mouth for him since he could only use one hand. it was so cute!!
  11. I HAD a girl who I used to smoke with,
    didn't work out, though. Now she's with a guy
    who hates weed, and all I can do is think
    "what if..." But I guess life is like that, right?

  12. LOL, I missed this thread on my vacation....

    I used to date this one guy who made me quit sucked. So I have decided, only stoner guys for me forever....never again will I date anyone who doesn't smoke's too important to me.
  13. i only date stoner guys, or guys that are kewl with it, so i have never had a problem, cus 99% of the guys i have dated, are right there with me toking it up!
  14. yeah me and my girl smoke all the time really can do a lot for the relationship sometimes. We generally get along well...but yknow, 3 years of being together you're gonna have yer tiffs and whatnot. But usually if I start to see the makings of a meaningless argument or something I am just like "hey, this is stupid, we both know it even though it's wierd/hard to say so, lets just blaze a bowl and make the most of this shithole called earth" or something to that effect.

    after that we can just open up and it always gets resolved. Don't smoke to cover your troubles, smoke to engage them.

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