In love with a girl, with a girlfriend.

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    Okay before you start reading this I just want to mention I tried posting this same thread yesterday, but it messed up, and I've read threads on gc before, and haven't made an account til now. Since I needed to rewrite this, I just used it to message a friend on skype, and then, boom, copy paste! Alright for the last few months I've been talking to this girl that i've known since elementary school. I've always thought she was cool, nice pretty, all that good shit. Anyways when I moved cross country, and dropped out I started talking to her more, even though I thought I wouldn't see her again, and anyways when I had to move back I started getting a lot closer to her and talking to her more. Of course one of the first things I do was ask her to be my gf and she replies with no, maybe later, but she said she misses me, and wants to see me. So I see her for the first time in nearly a year, we talk a lot on her back porch and her parents are stalking us of course, but like, she's fucking beautiful, and we somehow managed to have a really good conversation for 2 hours until she had to go inside and sleep. Anyways after that night she txted me before she went to sleep that she feels like I changed and I haven't, I ask her what that means, she's like it's not a bad thing don't worry ;). Anyways things go on I ask her on occasion if she wants to go out with me, she always replies with a no, not right now, but maybe in the future.. then this one time she tells me blatantly that she has a crush on me, she likes me, but she can't date me right now, she doesn't want any relationships, then for some reason she's like legit i'm single.. anyways i'm totally fine with that and things go on, fast forward a month and a half, we're still talking on a daily basis, getting closer and shit, and there were even some things in there that were about she and I fucking, but nonetheless. I'm like, shit, i'll see if she'll go out with me it's a no brainer. I tell her how I feel, and how I really dig her, she tells me the "real" reason she can't go out with me is because she's going out with another guy. Then only a couple minutes after she was like i'll give you a chance before we graduate, I promise. I'm like why? Maybe you guys will work out? Then she's like I feel like you would be a reeeeaallyy good boyfriend... I'm like then why aren't you going out with me??? She then precedes to ask me to promise to tell no one, not a single person, but I feel it doesn't matter to tell you. She says she has had a girlfriend for a year now and she's sorry for hurting me. Now I've got no idea what to do, she tells me she's bi, will give me a chance, but if you've been going out for year, I don't see that ending anytime soon. Thing is I still support her, she hasn't told anyone, not even her parents, and her parents are like hardcore church every Sunday, and other days of the week. I tell her that it's her own choice and everyone else can go fuck themselves. I can't get over the fact that she lead me on for so long, I was really falling for her, still am... But I don't know what to do. Maybe it will work out between the 2 girls, but, for all I care she just likes girls, but maybe if she actually likes me enough, the way she talks to me, if she finds herself single she'll open up to me? I've had a crush on this girl for a good portion of my life, so I've fallen for her pretty hard and she knows that too.. I don't know, what would you do?
  2. I clicked on this thread and it was like I was looking up at K2.

    I ain't climbing that wall, sorry OP.
  3. don't stress over one girl, dude. you're wasting your time. keep your options open and wait for her to come to you
  4. Yeah, I'll try but it's like, can't drop feelings like that over night, it's going to take a while, but it will be my luck I start going out with another girl that idgaf about, and she's available. Lol
  5. Keep being friends with her, and maybe one day you will fuck her
  6. She hates you because you don't use paragraphs
  7. just hang around for a while...but keep meeting other people too
  8. I copy pasted :L
  9. Paragraphs are your friend..
  10. Will remember for future reference, too much to edit right now lol.
  11. Try going our with her but allowing her to see the girl. Shit you could have a " my girl friends girlfriend" thing going on like that type -o- negative song.

    And 3somes can be awesome.
  12. Would be nice, but I don't really know or find the girl physically attractive :eek:
  13. C'mon OP be a man here and beat up her girlfriend.

    On the real talk though, I'd much rather hear she has a girlfriend vs a boyfriend. You bring something different to the table aka a dick so you
    definitely have an advantage there. If you were competing with another dude I wouldn't like your chances as much. Definitely pursue that shit brother.
  14. she probs just really liked you and was afraid of how you would react. fair enough, although it would have been easier to tell you that originally.
  15. Tell her she's just faking lesbianism for attention

  16. Lol, easy way to piss off a potential wet vagina
  17. Hey i just me you this sounds crazy but call me maybe
  18. ??? What does that have to do with anything?
  19. Before I was married, I had a crush on a girl I knew that had a girlfriend as well. Both of them were hot. Both had also been with dudes before. These were not bull dykes, just hipsters. Lol..

    Long story short, I could tell this chick liked me, but was committed to her relationship of over a year. BUT, she would still hang out. So what I did was talk about dick and sex. A LOT.

    Jokingly at first. But jokes turned into real talk. i.e. how longs it been since penis etc etc..

    And would you believe it, talking about penis, made her want some. Bingo. Guess who just happened to have a penis at the right moment? Lol...
  20. Niiiiceee, thing is we openly talk about that anyways, which really confuses the fuck out of me? Hopefully i'll have a penis at the right time too lmfao.

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