In love with a girl, with a girlfriend.

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  1. Alright so before I start this off I just want to say, I've read a lot of these threads before, and only recently joined. This story is not affiliated with bud or anything, but I thought maybe some of you might find my story interesting. Anyways this all starts back in elementary school with a girl I really like and we used to talk at school, ride the bus home together, play video games too. I tell her shes pretty, she says thanks, I know, this doesn't sound all too exciting, but, for a little boy, I thought I had some big balls. Now zoom into the future in highschool. I still have a crush on the same girl, nothing much has really changed between her and I we hadn't been very close. Anyways, after the first semester of my freshman year I move out of state after skipping school, going into deep depression, and dropping out for a year. Alright, so anyways, I figure I really had no one to talk to besides this girl since I still had her number, and I figured why not stay in contact with her. We start talking and what not, she says she misses me, I say I miss her too, this goes on for a while and I feel closer to her than any other girl ever before, me not being the social butterfly I wasn't close to anyone besides a couple of good buddies.. anyways, things go down south to where I had moved so I had to move back, and already into the second semester of my sophomore year. So we move, I take 2 weeks to tell her I was back, first thing I asked her was if she wanted to go out with me, she says no, not right now, but maybe yes in the future, I want to see you more. Then she says I miss you a lot, and she invites me over we have a long talk on her back porch, her parents are lurking ofcourse :mad:... anyways she texts me later that night, " I feel like you have changed a lot, but somehow you haven't.." I ask her what that means, all she says is that don't worry it's not a bad thing;). Anyways, I keep talking to her for the next few months and we're getting a lot closer, I keep asking her on a couple of occasions if she wants to be my girlfriend, and she replies with the same, no not right now, I don't want any relationships right now:( mabye in a few months.. She even says to me she has a crush on me and i'm a part of her "love life" I guess. Anyways we're really close now she trusts me, she knows I like her a lot but, she keeps saying no and comes with excuses like, I like you but not right now... Anyways a few nights ago she tells me the real reason she can't go out with me, and that was because she was going out with some other guy instead. Afterwards in which I catch her slipping where she's like I promise i'll let you have a chance before we graduate, you'd make a reeeally good boyfriend :) I'm like why is that? She ensues with, "You care about me, and put me first." then I ask her why would you go out with some other guy if you like me so much? Then she asks me to keep a secret swear to tell no one, but I figure it can't hurt to say on here anonymously... She tells me she has a girlfriend, apparently for a year now. It took her a lot of courage to tell me and she was sorry that she hurt me, not even her parents know about this... So now after all of this I feel really let down considering I was in love with this girl, I wish she told me before, but I know why she couldn't.. Apparently she's bi, but she's serious with a girl, and I'm sort of left out of the equation. I've told her that I thought I was in love with her, that she was on my mind 24/7.. She was so sorry and understood, but she said she had to tell me, and couldn't hide the truth any longer.. Now I'm left here sort of broken and wondering. I mean I'm supportive of her and her girlfriend, like she told me it was wrong because that's what her parents told her I guess with her religion, and I straight up tell her that it's her choice, anyone who thinks different can fuck themselves. Now that she told me this she feels like she trusts and feels closer to me more than ever and is so happy she told me since I'm so indifferent to the fact she likes other girls... Anyways story of my life. I still really like this girl, I love everything about her, she likes me too, but it's not like she's just going to break up with her lover, which I completely understand :( I just don't know what to do now, I'll always be her friend, but I can't stand the fact that only a few days ago, I thought I had something going with her only to be knocked down by this. What would you do in my situation?

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