in life as well as death....

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. i came here tonight to just talk, a friend died. day before yesterday ,she was the mom of my best friend, that died years ago two days after his 18 th birthday drunk in a head on 75 mph,,,she was a good friend for many years,her calling hours is tomorrow,i am going .a few of my old gang well be there this is good and bad,i am a very powerful man even if i try not to be ,two guys thinking they would be friends to me almost beat a man to death to day so i would like them,this is not what i wanted .but they all know i am the power that waits in the darkness and my gang members know i well be their ,but so dose the other gangs,i know they well come just to see me in real life,for the frist time in years ill be wearing my gals,under a dark gray pinstriped 3 peice! i well be jacked up ,a 1000ft and ready to light it up if need be,my own gang wont look me eye to eye unless i talk to them directly,but each of them would protect me with their life if need be!!! i am a powerful man ,a very,very powerful man, i well be their! because i am tazz11,and she is my friend in life as well as death.....
  2. I'm sorry to hear about the death of your friend Rainman.
  3. it was sad to see her passing ,but it was the best god dam wake ive ever been to,the man that was beaten up was my son in law i dislike,he goes down southern new york and gets his brother and comes there to start shit ,i steped in and said this aint the place so his brother punches me in the mouth laughs and truns to till my son law that he'll finsh this now but i didnt go down when he truned back to punch me again i broke his noise and knock out three of his teeth and walked him down the chuch steps by the throwt and threw him on his ass in the snow,and said i said this aint the place ,know leave! 40 or so people started claping.i got a good fat lip but it was worth they drove away i herd a freinds kid ask his mom is that the man and she said yes he's the man,it stayed in my mind the hole time i was there.many people thanked me for not leting them two dorks in the church.i guess respect is power and wisedom is still the best way to earn respect,i enjoyed the trip,and they had some great pics of her life on show,i well remember them pics and the calling hours! i guess the liveing go on with their lifes like they take their morning cup of one day gone the next.thats as real as it gets.good luck tazz11
  4. im so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. some people gather acquantnces without ever making real friends. latley ive been thinking about a true gift, often taken for granted,priceless. our memories. hold tight to her memory,yours alone.
    may you find some peace.
  5. thank you! and your very right about that,after i got home mic a cop that was a pain in my ass for years called me and said if i haden done that he was going to,he also told me he singed a statement as a officer at the seen and than he thanked me for leaveing the gang back then, that it saved him years of paper work ,thin he wish me luck and i just was left shakeing my head.then a hour latter my son in law ,calls me and apolagized for being a ass hole and tells me his going south for a few mouths till things quite down,i am in shock this has been a wild day, i may just have to go to town more! lol

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