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  1. okay i know this is premature thinking but...

    is it wrong to know you're going to be giving birth so you eat a brownie, and by the time that kicks in you'll be ... feeling what?

    just wondering.
  2. hunny...if your worried about eating one brownie while prggers..youll be far along are you?? im 30 weeks now myself...

    do u think your going into labor *if your preggers*
  3. congrats girls!
  4. I wouldn't like to be giving birth after eating a brownie ..edibles knock me on my ass!
    ..the last thing I'd want to be doing is having a large group of highly educated and over-paid
    professionals fussing over me when I'm stoned off my nut! ;)
  5. omg haha no i'm not preggers, nor do i plan to be for a long time.
    the question just came to my mind.:rolleyes:
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    thanks 11threefiftyseven!!

    but yah long as your past your first tri...i wouldnt even think about it..even if you were in your first tri still...i was recommended to smoke on the occasion cuz i couldnt keep nuttin down and that was much less invasive than sticking a tube down my throat

    but sidenote...if your feeling that you could be going into premature labor..or labor in general..CALL YOUR DRS!!! tell them whats going on and theyll let you kno what to do from there..i just went thru false labor last week..not fun...but if your water aint broked and you can still walk/talk thru contractions and they arent getting worse or closer together at regualr intervals than i think your fine

    ******** you kno for when it happens!! lols
  7. What is the question? I don't you mean if you're going into labor so you eat it in order to be high while you're giving birth?

    Or do you mean eating a brownie will cause you to go into labor?

  8. the first part silly
  9. The real question

    Would they baby be high when it was born if you were high on some edibles? Like if they were potent enough to have you high for say..... 10 hrs......

    Would the baby be born stoned??? Would you even be able to tell?
  10. I wouldn't do it. Although I have never given birth or looked into any of the procedures or anything like that, I'm going to assume that they give you some medicine and stuff while you're in labor. If they have you taking all sorts of things or whatever you don't know how it will react in combination with weed. For the sake of the unborn child I personally wouldn't fuck around with anything like that.

    I don't know if I'm going to have kids or not, but if I do I know that those 9 months are going to be all about making sure that the kid turns out ok. I won't drink, smoke, or anything. I'll do my best to stay as healthy as possible, not for myself but for my unborn child. Sure you could say that people smoke weed while pregnant and nothing happens...but I would feel terrible if something happened and I was wondering what if I didn't do that.
  11. Ooh, in that the time it kicks in you'll be feeling the intense pain of your vagina tearing open, only high.
  12. i wouldnt advise ANY woman to do anything like that while going into labor..

    and yes gimmie..the kid would be high

    and thats tru jd..the only reason ive continued MILD use was because of anxieties and continued nausea...everything has been going splendid with the unborn aidan..hes exceptionally dr has even been amazed at how healthy he is not even considering my "hobby" but just in general...hes like..super baby:D
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    Jesus fucking Christ, thank you

    Get off the pipe for a few months, get your priorities straight, and get a fucking clue. You seriously make me fucking sick. I seriously hope for the well being of your baby you somehow become educated in the next few months.
  14. oh yeah and this question was totally hypothetical
    i'd never eat a brownie before going through labor
  15. i believe that it would just help with the labor pains

    and would go nice with the morphine
  16. r u talkin about me or to the op?? cuz if you actually read my was DOCTOR ADVISED ...and im not gettin blitz on a daily..or even bi-weekly HAS been as long as ive been preggo since ive actually been if your talkin to me..go fuck yourself and get a damn clue about MEDICAL mj

    thank you

  17. Weed won't do shit to help with labor pains.
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    Yes "i r talkin" about you. Weather "doctor" advised and "medical" or not, smoking/drug use at any point in pregnancy has been proven to lead to birth defects and early childhood illness. I'm not sure if it's clicked yet, but what you do DIRECTLY effects how your baby develops and his health while doing do. If you read what I'm saying, you can easily see that I'm really alot more worried about your baby's health then anything else. I really dont mean to offend you too deeply, but you seriously have to realize that you're engaging in a seriously risky activity when it comes to your baby's development.

    Please, for 9 months ignore hippy science and focus on what really matters: your newborns health.

    Edit: I'm actually not going to return to this thread, as I suppose this is just my opinion, and you want no part of it(which you shouldn't if that's what you feel). I hope the best for you and your newborn, sorry for the previous harsh words.
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    you should read farther down the first page.
    i said i wasnt pregnant. thats what preggers means.

    ***** I didnt see the above post before i typed this but...jeez you're really harsh. atleast give a link to a site proving studies done on this issue.
  20. None of this was directed at you

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