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    I went to my local smoke shop in Ontario Ca. And saw this new can of butane called "bleu magic", I've always liked trying different butanes to see if I get different results so I got a couple cans. I usually use vector or newport but it's hard to find around here and it's really expensive. But I tried this "bleu magic" and I was surprised to have gotten better taste from my wax, and usually I don't get this much yield. I usually get 3.0 grams to 3.5 grams from a ounce, but this gave me 5 grams. Well I wanted to know the results of anyone else that has tried it. And if anyone knows where to get cases from, cuz the smoke shop will only sell me single cans!

  2. Can I get any help from anyone?
    Order them in bulk online?
  4. yield depends on starting material.
  5. I can't find a distributor
  6. run Lucienne, its the tits
  7. This guy has spammed about a dozen different forums over the past couple of days with this crap. Weve determined that he is directly related to the person(s) trying to sell this Korean made lighter fluid as some awesome 'tane to run BHO with. Simply because of the toxic nature of the stuff in his not at all pure BS, Ive taken it upon myself to let people know. 
    If you dont believe me, just google "Bleu Magic Butane" and check out how many forums have already called him out on his BS. Or just check out this thread:

  8. Bubble hash dabs....just takes ice and water. No dangerous solvents required and they are more full body dabs from my experience. :-D just afyi dont need oil to do dabs full melt works just as well if not better.
  9. but proper full melt is not as easy to achieve, the yeilds are lower and only 1 or 2 bags will be dabbable.
    Solvents are used to extract all kinds of cooking oil etc. get off your trip about solvent extractions. when done properly, theres no harm.

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