In India, 'no frills' hospitals offer $800 heart surgery

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ProvidencePlant, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. In India, 'no frills' hospitals offer $800 heart surgery

  2. Great find sir.
  3. FYI this is the case in almost every place where the profit motive isn't the driving force behind medicine.
  4. No. This is what happens when the market is allowed to function. The reason this is possible is because of the profits that are made from it.

    This is what happens when the state isn't heavily involved in medicine.
  5. Is that why their profit margin is higher than US hospitals?
  6. When you say, "the state", do you mean pharma corporations and their stockholders?

    I know you hate the state but it's not responsible for everything man. Your free market advocates are the reason the US system is the way it is. There's enough going out in dividends I'm sure to clean up a lot of the mess.

    Face. Facts.

  7. I didn't say the state was responsible for everything, but it is responsible for rising costs in any industry that it's heavily involved in, e.g., education and healthcare in the US.
  8. Ghastly, this greedy business man is exploiting the needs of suffering people with health problems for profit. :rolleyes:

    On the flip side, here in America, my insurance, which I am definitely covered under is apparently denying me for my hospital costs, and the hospital is trying to charge me $1000 for 3 stitches. Fucking crooks.
  9. Corperations only gain power by bribing (ponying/buying out) the government.

    Your blaming the wrong people. The government needs to be heals accountable for selling.out

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