In Honor of the "Waterfall"

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  1. Seen a couple post on here on how to make them and some people are trying completely different ways. Figured I would make a thread where we can post ourselves using them. I need to make a bigger one soon though.

    Enjoy guys get to hear me cough like a bitch. :smoke: (turn sound low there is some music that is loud...i was high).

    [ame=]YouTube - The Waterfall[/ame]
  2. video doesnt work it does.sobes were what i always used

  3. Yes sobes are great but looking at getting a bucket and doing one out of a 2 liter Coke bottle. :smoke:
  4. ill pass.(on posting a vid of me smokin).

  5. lol paranoia. If its ever going to be legalized its users need to wear it proud and not hide it. IMO.
  6. im pretty sure you didnt hold that smoke in at all..

    and your tryin to go bigger? it took 3 hits to clear half a sobe bottle..
  7. u call those hits?? :mad: hold it in! And more, those were tiny hits, a true waterfaller can clear a 2 liter bottle.
  8. You kidding me? Hit that Sobe bottle with some dank and lighter over it the whole time. The smoke is so harsh you can't take that in one hit. Haven't met a person who has yet. Lets see those vids guys or pics?
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    lol no i just dont want to post me doing illegal activitty online to please u steveo


    u know everyhting you do online can be traced and videos(proof/evidence) make it that much easier lol
  10. hahaha
    im lovin the music
    makes it sounds like its christmas time
  11. this is my waterfall made with a paintball pod,it works rather well and its east to fill with ice but because of the the water it melts faster.
    [ame=]YouTube - waterfall bong[/ame]
  12. No offense dude, but you need to clear that whole bottle in one hit and hold it 3-5 seconds. Just some friendly advice:)

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