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  1. dude what the fuck ^^^
  2. think he hit submit a few too many times

    edit: ok nevermind, those are different minutes, looks like he just reposted it....not sure why though
  3. for example...$3 on $17 is an excellent tip but, if you had an "exceptional expirence" or you want good service next time you return to the establishment I think you shoud drop at least a Five.
    Thats the thing you need to consider....If you often enter a place and always tip poorly you will soon discover that you will achieve this reputation around the place and your service will be shitty...everytime, because all of the servers will leave out all the "little things" that make things go soundly while you are eating, all of the "behind the scenes" type shit. I watch servers go completely out of their way for piece of shit guests that aren't even going to consider what they did come time to pay the bill. IF you don't know how to tip... you don't deserve to eat out...stay the fuck home. If your so conserned with saving a few dollars what the fuck are you doing eating at a sit down style joint? go to fuckin wendys and stay out of our booths and tables, we like people who know what the fuck is going on sitting in our sections not cheap fuckheads who don't know how to tip accordingly...
    Fuck Mr. Pink..
    Consider the tip before you ever leave home, or before you order so you don't have to spend every dime you have when you get the bill.
    min wage is $2.13 in my town, so when you stiff on a tip It really fucks up someone elses day and If you ever go to that place again that karma is gonna fuck you up.
    once these people who fucked with me before and then left a shitty tip. so they came back in one night and they had some friends with them, so I talked them into getting a bottle of nice champagne. I shook it up nicely then i twisted off the foil and popped the cork and shot the dude right in the chin I was aiming for his chest.. and then proceeded to spray the bubbly all over his wife, It was a priceless moment in time. and it went just like I planned. I comped the bubbly and felt like a champ.. So one day this could be you, because some servers don't fuck around and revenge is sometimes so so sweet. If you don't tip I hope you get piss in your soup.
  4. If you disagree with #2 then simply don't pay your bill untill your ready to go.
    But 15 min after you pay is can always move up to the bar and have a drink and continue things...but get up so your table can be used again so someone else can sit there.
  5. Should we expect another five posts that are exactly the same as that one?

  6. Well then your a dumbass .. How fast you are seated is bassed on how many people are sat at that time.. if the restraunt is full then your gonna have to wait and the server has NO controll over this..
    The waiter should be nice i agree on that one..
    How fast the food gets to your table?! are you fuckin kiddin me the servers dont make your food .. if anything yell at a cook dont take it out on the servers

    Thats why u shouldnt be eating at a fuckin restraunt then..

    are you kidding me? the money they make is toatly based on how many tables get in and out though the night.. tho i agree you should be able to stay as long as u want as long as ur gonna pay for the time.. we hate people that 'camp' .. trust me if u were in our shoes ud understand dont be ignorant
  7. There seems to be a lot of heat over a city in China!

    This whole tipping controversy has been going on since the Reagan administration added the stipulation to certain tax laws that tipped restaurant workers (waiters and bartenders, but not bussers!) must claim at least 8% of their total sales. Before that, no one really gave a shit. My mom worked in restaurants all her life and never had to declare tips... it was all an honor based system. You supposedly were trusted to claim all your income. But who's gonna claim something that's a 'BONUS'? Well, the 8% tip rule changed all of that. Nowadays, you have to have documentation when you claim tips, documentation that holds more merit if you have the people you tip out sign that you're tipping them.

    Yet, there are still tipped positions out there that aren't regulated in the same way... cab drivers, bellmen, bussers, barbacks, hairstylists (although that's changing in some states) etc. It's basically put on the backs of the restaurant servers to make sure that everything's logged and on the up-and-up... at least at first glance.

    Anyway, before I end up giving an intricate history of the lowly server, let's just say that anyone who doesn't tip AT LEAST 8% of their ENTIRE BILL(which, I mean to say, should actually be 12%, since the server has to tip out other people regardless of what they make off a table) is essentially taking money out of the servers' pocket for the 'privilege' of waiting on your cheap ass.

    If you can't afford to eat out (including a decent tip), don't eat out!
  8. ive gone with atleast 15% (unless the service is trash, couple weeks back the waitress dropped the top bun of my sandwich. not a big deal. but it took her 20 minutes to replace it and the rest of the sandwich was cold by the time the toasted bun came. that was no good.) since i was around 16. my friends can be real cheap, so im usually the one leaving the tip. i know a lot of people who are fine with leaving no tip at all.

    but then, ive never heard of people earning $3.00 an hour, thats rediculous. minumum wage around here is $8.00.
  9. servers dont not get minimum wage, they get less

    TZ, i am aware, it meant for it to say dont,sorry

  10. FOOD servers in many states get paid less than minimum wage. I've never worked in a restaurant that pays its food servers more than minimum wage. Bartenders (who are BEVERAGE servers) traditionally get paid more than minimum wage. Don't know why the discrepancy. I've been both types of servers and they're equally stressful.

    You know, if restaurants paid their employees a living wage, we could do without all the hooplah over tipping and making all servers feel as if they're begging for money. It's a shitty frame of mind to have to carry around during a shift... day in and day out. If I had a restaurant of my own, I'd raise my prices, pay my servers a decent base pay and let them work on commission without tips. I've always thought that if you take care of your employees and treat them as viable human beings, your business will have a much better chance of thriving.

    But like I always say...
  11. If you can't afford to leave a sufficient tip, YOU SHOULDN"T BE GOING OUT TO EAT!!!
  12. Because these are the rules politicians and lawmakers have put in place. When I waited tables, I got $2.63 an hour, plus my tips. Legally, this is all the owner's of the restaurant have to pay a server. Again, if you can't afford to tip (Ie. You're on a budget), you shouldn't be going out to eat!!
  13. I tip based on how they did. It seems that I always get servers who go " you had coke, right? " Yup. They come back with sprite wtf? Or they don't even fucking come to your table until you're done eating 20 minutes later and don't even stop to ask how it is or anything. I know it's not your fault if the food is fucked up. But some waiters really do suck.
  14. Reservoir dogs is a fictional movie. Do you base what you do in real life on what you see in a fictional movie?

    I agree, it is strange, and it does suck, but this is how it is. As a server, I would have been much happier getting $12.00 an hour, instead of having to put on a fake smile and sucking up for a measly extra three bucks from a bunch of people I could reall give a shit about. (Jump little monkey, JUMP!!)

    As a side note, I leave 15% for so-so service. My standard tip is 20% for normal service. If you provide me exceptional service, I leave 25-30%. This is no joke. I worked in the business, this is how I tip when I go out. If I can't afford to tip at this level, I stay home and cook!

    As you can see, this is a subject I take very seriously, and I've been out of the restaurant biz for five years.

  15. I'm too lazy to edit that quote.... But there are MANY times where you get there. It says " please wait to be seated" no one is fucking there. And the person at the cash register jut stands there, doesn't even get anybody. Waiters walk by, and you don't get SHIT. I've come to realize waiters are either fucking EXCELLENT or total and utter shit. I really like the nice ones. We talk and have a grand time. One time I left a tip in pennis that made a frownie face because the bitch sucked. Sorry, but a lot of them are horrible

  16. Some waiters truly do suck, and should probably consider a different job. Sometimes though, they are having a bad day, or they simply made a mistake. If the server truly sucks, I would only leave 15%. In some cases, I would explain the problems to the manager on duty, and maybe have an item or two comped. This makes me happy because I get some money off, and it doesn't have to come out of the servers pocket. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

  17. Typically, the server isn't allowed to seat you. Otherwise, I would have been at the front door seating everyone at my tables! The reason being, is so every server can get an equal amount of tables and have an equal opportunity to make the same amount of money as everyone else. This includes getting an equal share of the shitty tippers.

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