In grown toenails.

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  1. They suck big red balls.

    I was trying to cut mine out yesterday for like a whole hour.I was getting shaky and my palms were pretty sweaty.

    Any blades have this problem?I also skateboard and my toes will start hurting,its like a stinging pain
    At any rate it isn't fun.

  2. Aw man, I'm pretty sure I got one in my big toe.
    I don't think I got the balls to dig it out..
  3. Theres a quick procedure that can prevent you from getting ingrown nails for the rest of your life. I had it done and I never looked back.
  4. dude... i feel your pain i used to skate too and i got the gnarliest ingrown toenails. I would get surgery and they would grow back in a few months so i got the permanent surgery then they started to get ingrown on the OTHER side of the fuckin toe.... and this happened on both feet -_-

    And i couldnt do any flip tricks besides heelflips without hurting like fuck so i just got super good heelflips haha
  5. What the fuck is an ingrown toenail? Fuck now I'm scared ill get one because I asked......shit
  6. Had one so bad for like a year, im a snowboarder and everytime I landed heavy on my toe edge and my foot hit the front of my boot it would start bleeding and pussing and shit. So fucking gross. Anyways got some surgery there they had to cut that part of the nail off and then kill the nerve so it wouldn't come back. Hurt like a bitch. They shoved like a 3 inch needle straight into my big toe. That shit scared the fuck outta me. Anyways don't try digging em out as they will only get worse that way. I used to do that aswell and that's how it got bad. Just let it grow through. It's your only option really.
  7. I had one before, had to have a doctor remove my toenail. Sucked but haven't had one since....8 years of no ingrown toenails so far :yay:
  8. My GFs dad has them badly he has had his big toenails and a few others removed 2-3x in the last 2 years. I feel bad for him thank god i don't have any;
  9. never had one, it's all about how you trim your nails
    go to a podiatrist and get it treated under sterile conditions
    you can easily get an infection that threatens your whole toe, foot, before going blood borne, you turn septic and die
    home surgery isn't a good idea man
    please don't wait until it's huge, infected, painful before getting help
    you'll end up in the ER at 2am and the staff will laugh at you for your "emergent ingrown toenail"
  10. Cutting outs the only way. Very painful. My dad cut out mine. FUCK DID IT HURT.
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    Suffered from these on both toes. I also used to skateboard, but I also used to carry too much heavy shit in my backpacks. I think either one of those or both caused me to get them, but my dad's side of the family has a predisposition to them.

    I had them for years. Everyday I walked home from school when I got home my socks would be saturated with blood. I'd have to loosen my toes from the blood just so that a scab wouldn't form and rip off painfully when I pulled my socks off.

    I tried cutting it out myself. Very painful and scary and honeslty just made shit worse and hurt like a bitch. DON'T DO THIS.

    You will go to your doctor. They'll talk to you, give you the same info the internet gave you mostly and probably make some dumb suggestions that won't help it at all. Such as soaking them and cutting a notch out of the middle. These do not work or help and also seemd to make it worse.

    I went to the doctor 3-4 times with the same problem for a few years before I finally made them give me the surgery and I got immediate relief. My other ingrown toenail I had no surgery on but seemed to improve just from the other's one improving (as a result of me being able to properly balance and hold my weight) Don't be afraid of the surgery. I was pretty afraid of it. It certainly feels weird. But anyway, they numb you with coldspray before they give you shots into your toe, so it doesn't feel that bad and it gets more and more numb with each shot except some shots were extra painful. And you do feel the shots going into your toe for about the first 5-6 shots but it's such a weird feeling that you almost don't interpret it as pain when you feel it.

    Also they will give you an absurd number of shots around your toe because it's an extremity and is therefore extra-sensitive to pain so it needs more. The actual surgery itself feels really weird. It's almost like when your dentist is trying to pull out your tooth and you can just feel the tugging force on your head, except its on your foot/leg being pulled. I myself didnt look down at the surgery as it happened because I was scared the gore would make me sick after the nausea I got performing castaway style surgery on my toe at home.
  12. Ah they're nasty, I left mine alone after picking at it and the nail went black, kind of fell off and a new nail took it's place.
  13. yepp, ingrowns are terrible! My football cleats were too tight and my right bigtoe was killing me, so I obv went home and cut my nail extremely deep, resulting in an ingrown. For a couple months I just put some antibiacterial stuff + bandage around it and had to wear sandals to school. I eventually got the surgery which was amazing. But a few months ago my buddy was drunk and stepped on my barefoot while he was wearing shoes, and I think he sorta shifted the nail, and now I'm having problems on the opposite side of the same toe. Would hate to go through this again so I'm just not touching it and dealing with some slight pain.
  14. [quote name='"420BUDweiser"']Theres a quick procedure that can prevent you from getting ingrown nails for the rest of your life. I had it done and I never looked back.[/quote]

    You can't just say that and not tell us what it is..

  15. its the surgury....

    mine only took 15 min, hurt like a BITCH afterwords for a day or so though.
    I had like shooting pains that were literally unbearable after it. Everytime it happened i fucking screamed. Get some good pain killers for after or smoke madd dank. lol

  16. Well I don't have insurance so surgery is out of play.they do suck though fuck.

    Stay up blades and get out slut.You damn dirty like whore.Lol just kiddin.
  17. Hey i'm honestly gonna try and give you some good advice. If you have to do this at home please call a physician first to get as much guidance as possible. Also don't dig at it / mutilate your body it will only lead to infection. Although if you can deal with it yourself i give you props. It may seem like a simple injury but you could lose toes/feet over it iot can never hurt to be too cautiousl.
  18. Had them. Had the procedure done on both toenails. Had them again. If you don't have the guap to cover the procedure, I've cured them buy daily soaking my foot in as hot water as I can stand for 15 minutes to soften the skin, then push some cotton with a tongue depressor or similarly shaped object between where the toe meets the skin. eventually you get to the nail. You might get to deal with some pus depending on how bad it is. Definitely smoke a fat bowl after
  19. well this thread is just....terrible

    i feel bad for you dudes that have this and i am extremely thankful that i dont have fucked up toe nails
  20. I enjoy digging them out. I cut my toenail deep to the side to where the ingrown part is still connected and I yank em out, doesn't hurt much.

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