In ground planting: mixing native soil with no-till / super soil?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by RenaissanceBrah, Jan 3, 2023.

  1. I’ve been hearing that to fill the 60 gallon hole I made in my backyard, I shouldn’t fill it with [only] my regular super soil mix, but rather mix in the local soil, so that when the plant reaches the edge of the hole, the roots will keep growing into the native soil.

    I’m in Southern California, the native soil is quite sandy / clay-like, so I assume there’s little nutrients in it. Not sure if having the roots grow into the native soil would make a difference.

    What are your opinions on this?

    Also, if I do mix in the native soil, how would it play into the regular no till soil ratios of 1/1/1 or 40/40/20 of pumice / peat moss / compost? I wasn’t sure what ingredient to adjust for that.
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  2. When I planted English Walnut trees on a property with heavy shale. I did something similar. I use good amended soil in the center. Then mix 50% sifted in my case shale heavy soil and my mix toward the outside and bottom of my hole. This worked to help the roots adjust to the virgin soil.
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  3. Thank you, that's a good idea, taper it on the outsides and pure in the middle
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  4. In my SoCal sandy soil I mixed in some organic matter (peat, composted steer manure) and some organic fertilizer and a little Osmocote fertilizer. I set up a drip system and watered once or twice a week. The plants did very well and I got a good harvest.

    I have little experience with pot growing. I did the same as I do for my tomatoes and it seemed to work just fine.
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  5. I am thinking sodium .
  6. This is exactly what my “tree guy” friend says. If there isnt a transition of both native and new soil, trees wont grow out of new soil. Consequently they fall down in storms but appear to grow healthy.
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  7. I'd agree, trees do need to be staked the first few years. I'm not sure with the fast rate of growth we'd need to do it with weed plants unless they were planted in a windy area.
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