In flower, plant stopped growing vertically. normal?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tommatt, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I'm late into flower. Guessing about 7 weeks of a 13 week sativa. I've noticed the last couple of days my plant stopped growing vertically. Haven't had to raise the lights at all. PH is good, nutes are good, they've been drinking like normal, and look as healthy as they have been (Meaning some bottom leaves dying/decaying, but it looks like its getting better all around) Is this normal late into the flowering cycle as it starts focusing on bud development?

    If so, any guestamate on where that puts me on how much longer they'll be flowering/ I know to watch the trichromes (have a microscope from radioshack, although i'm having a hard time using it lol)

    They are almost 6 feet tall, 68 inches or so, and I'm hoping its normal and it will not grow any higher. I was really worried I'd run out of room. I put them into flower at about 20 inches. So 68 would be just over tripple in height.

    Thanks :)
  2. Yeah dude, it's normal.

    They like a little stretch when you first flip them, then, (as you've knocked it out of veg and into flower) she will stop growing new nodes and concentrate on fattening up for ya. All's good :smoke:
  3. agreed. you might wanna +rep the man above me.
    lucky you got a correct answer on first response! :hello:
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  5. Thanks guys. I always saw people saying +1 rep, never knew it was an actual thing :)
  6. Just to reitterate yes it is normal, they normally double or triple from their veg size. Just a little rule of thumb.
  7. I'm two weeks into about eight weeks of flowering (bagseed) and have recently thought of the same thing. I'm at about 2.5' of height and was wondering what I might top out at keeping the light absolutely as low as possible. Temp @ about 22" says 77-78F, RH around 55%.

  8. Old thread I know but I had to reply, your plant sounded like mine and mine grew at least double from what it was in veg. Have you got any pics on the final result, I would like you have a look and compare to mine. Peace.:smoke:

  9. go on amazon and get a jeweler's loupe with at leat 30X magnification. I would even go higher like 60Xmagnification. U might get one for 6 bucks or so--they are real cheap. gl

  10. Some flowering plants not only double in width. It at the. They at least double maybe triple in sizne sO deffinitly ccount for the space. One flowered fiord become close to three ect

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