In flower.... day 14 and this is happening...

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  1. I've been here before, last plant did this and then I fed it more and more water and it brown and died.

    This time I have watered this one, also because within an inch of soil depth, the soil is cool and a little most.

    Here where I am the temps recently have been in the high 90s and low 100s. So I turned these double ended hps lamps down to 750w from 1000w.

    The temps have been on the high side, as high as 91 and 85 degrees. So that's why I turned it down.

    Do you think this causes stress too?

    So far my research had led me to two conclusions:
    1) Rust
    2) Leaf Septoria

    For Rust, I have ordered and will be using tomorrow: Spectracide find on Amazon
    And, Bonide Sulfur fungicide organically controls....

    For Leaf Septoria:
    Copper fungicide

    Tho, I'm leaning more towards Rust. Would love your help in resolving this. Thank you!

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  2. hey bud. that looks like heat stress/drought you got going on there. it maybe too hot in there and idk the story with the ventilation and humidity. If the climate keeps heating, we are all gonna be doing that.
    I don't see any sign of septoria, but this could also be caused by root rot. Adding beneficial microbes throughout the plant's life can prevent root rot, but if that's fusarium, then its probably too late. The fusarium pathogen obstructs the plant's vesicle system and chokes out the plant from within.
    but I think its just hot. Try misting the plant with some RO to help the plant recover and to cool it down some at the plant surface. You could try foliar feeding with [favorite brand here], something preferably with vitamin B in it, and not to deprive it of other essential minerals.
    Either way, good luck with it bud. I hope it recovers.

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