IN EUROPE FOR 2 months - Currently in: Barcelona

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  1. Hey guys im in Europe for 2 months on vacation with my parents. So i thought why not update u guys on what buds like in every city i go to ahah...i just got out of college so they took me with them for 2 months.. Barcelona is an amazing city so i wanted to enjoy it while i was fuckin ripppped.:smoke: . I went to and it said go to a street called Las Ramblas....luckly my hotel was just 20 feet away from that street lol. The day i arrived i ate dinner with the rents and told them i was going out for a bit while they stayed at the resturant bar..i was already preatty hammerd but within seconds i made eye contact with another indian guy *(i live in canada and was born there but my family is from india..) haha and he just nodded his head like whats up i walked towards him and he whisperd hashish ganja .. i waslike :D. too fucking easy. he told me to go to the street across from him and wait...he wanted to then charge me 30 euro for what he said was going to be 5 grams of hash...i worked it to 20lol and iv now picked up a second time and got it for 15euro ... its a solid stick of hash the first time i had a long skinny stick which is in the pic i have now ...and the second time the stick was just as long but thicker..its very compact but you can easily bend it..smells very strong...and good .. took a few rips and i was stoned. ps. the bud here is SHIT. i live in Vancouver b.c. so its like a nightmare for me. the hash however is better than expected. [​IMG]
  2. Lucky I wish I was in Europe but they have to have dank somewhere.
  3. Yeah you gotta look around more that'd be akin to me going to cali not knowing anyone and picking up grams off the street you know they're gonna have the worst in the city. Sometimes you can get lucky though.

    But that hash I bet that is pretty killer though.
  4. thats sick dude, so lucky that you're on vacation for 2 months in europe lol you must be a bajllionaire
  5. Come in Marseille, France! you'll taste some great hash and weed ! Let me know if you plan to
  6. I've been to Europe twice, Italy and Paris are the shit even without bud lol

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