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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bobgogo5, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I am going to buy some feminized seeds i dont have very much room. the yield isnt a problem for me i wouldnt mind one with a low yield. but i need a small plant that can grow fairly fast and still produce good bud even if its not to much
  2. indica will stay smaller the sativa and the bud will be good
  3. you want to get an auto flowering plant they stay small and grow fast you can grow one from seed to harvest in 60 days brov thats alll i grow now autos
  4. hows the bud from one of those auto flowering plants?
  5. My auto AK sucked.Thats just me though.Go with a full on indica there's plenty of them.Trainwreck is very good and easy to grow.Blue Cheese too.These are all plants I've grown and they had no problems and they were indica sativa hybrids.You can do sativa indoors but watch the veg time.They will stretch...big time.
  6. 2nd Bluecheese. I had a couple of fem BlueCheese seeds that turned out really nice for my first grow. I'm growing out a BC mother right now that seems pretty vigorous.

    and i forgot to add, it doesn't get too tall either, being an indica dominant hybrid.
  7. Thanks everyone for the help. but i think im gonna go with the blue cheese. do you guys know of any reliable seed sellers that would have them?

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