in desperate need of some cheap running shoes, help please

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  1. so im trying to get into running and all i usually use are some heavy ass old basketball shoes and theyre just about done. im looking for some good running or like athletc shoes for cheap, i plan to hike and run and play ball in them
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    Lulz bro for all that you're gonna need multiple shoe choices. Ya see even walking in your running shoes screws them up. The way your foot hits the ground when walking is different from running. So if you wanna hike get something to hike in you wanna run get shoes just for that. Also make sure you get shoes for your feet. Flat foot high arch whatever. But to answer your question lol asics are ugly but got me through basic. Nike air max... " I'm walking on sunshine waoh and don't it feel good!"
  3. dam how do you know about ur foot like flat or high arch, ive usually always just used my bball shoes during the season and then just used them for whatever activities after season was over
  4. If you go to a specialty type store, not like foot locker but like maybe academy or a specialty running store they should be able to figure it out for you. I got mine done in the army so I don't know how it works in the civillian sector.
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    A foot doctor should be able to tell you. I have flat feet and I got orthotics to help raise my arch. But I don't wear them anymore because they were hard, it felt like your foot was slamming on concrete when I ran or jumped down a couple feet. And what type of shoes have you been wearing for the past couple years? I've been wearing skate shoes that had no arch for most of my life so that's part of what caused my flat feet.

    EDIT: Or do what wsrd4b2 said and go to a good shoe store.

  6. i also have been wearing skate shoes for like walking around and school but when i play ball or run i wear these old basketball shoes and when i hike ive been wearing some beat up skate shoes aswell
  7. I would go to Ross and look at the shoes there. They usually have good brands for like 20-25 bucks. That's where I bought my last pair of Nike runnning shoes and i still have em two years later

    And btw, your avatar is unforgivable..... :D

  8. o yea definitely gona check ross out. hahaha you know wussup
  9. I just recently bought a pair of Nike Air running shoes for... 65 bucks.

    I bought it because I decided to jog half an hour every morning before I take a shower and go to work, but since I've bought them, I haven't run once.
  10. You hoop in running shoes?

    I really hope you tape your ankles up dude. I play in mid-tops and still sprain my ankle at least once a year, I could not imagine playing in some running shoes, my ankles would snap like a twig if I tried that.

  11. i ususally wouldnt but my homies use running shoes and theyre doing fine so id rather get something i could kind of do 2 things with
  12. does anybody have any experience with those zig shoes

  13. It's probably gonna cause some problems if you use them a lot. They're designed for two different things, your stride is different when you jog distances vs sprinting for bball. I made the mistake of playing tennis in my basketball shoes once, never again.
  14. asics or brooks for running shoes
  15. o well running is something i plan to get into if i get some shoes but usually run up this mountain trail would make any difference or be better for getting a shoe to cover both areas

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