In college, need money

Discussion in 'General' started by texas_virus, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. So what would you guys suggest to make some money as a college student. So say I have a small amount of capital and was looking to invest it. I do not want to sell drugs, as I have done that before and was way too time consuming at too strange hours.

    So if you were a college age student what would you buy? What is a business that you think will make me money?

    I have a project due and would like to know the input from a bunch of stoners. thanks.
  2. Prostitution ring.

    Is texas_virus gonna have to choke a bitch?
  3. if your in central austin.....just at tx state, or u.t?
  4. sell shit

    do od jobs

    or, maybe this won't be for u but . . .

    maybe u can get a job?
  5. sell drugs.
    good money.
    i know u dont wanna
    but seriously consider it again :D
  6. Where you going to man? And yeah same here, need some money pretty badly . My card got declined for a 4 dollar pizza. :(

    I don't know man get a job or something, do some odd jobs around town. And sell some shit you don't really need.
  7. yeah i need some tips as well. I'm starting to look for a job, but im gonna want more money. i might push, but other than pushin, what could i do?!
  8. Suck a little dick.
  9. By pushin, you don't mean selling drugs do you?
    Because we don't advocate that here.

  10. I lol'd for like 2 mins

    Nah man I used to go to school at baylor about a hour north of Austin, but now im in the far west.

    I go to UT El Paso as of right now.
  11. this thread made me hungry
  12. :laughing:
  13. why don't you buy some stock? just be wise in which corporation you're putting it into. it's always a good investment to buy stock if you know what you're doing.

  14. Oh shit really? Same here man, just started this year. We should meet up or something, would be nice to meet a fellow citizen of GC.

  15. rofl!!
  16. Hahaha wow, I was going to put those exact quotes in succession, I busted the hell out laughing seeing you beat me to it, +rep

  17. Check with the college if they could find you a job inside the college like a ganetor or cheff, just check with the college.
  18. Agreed! I found a easy, do nothing, tech job getting 8 bucks and hour. I'm not saying you're gonna find a job like this but universitys hire sudents for all sorts of odd jobs and most of the time it's jobs that take little to no brain power.
  19. You say the hours were too hard at too odd of times?

    Then you need to work a 9 - 5 trap bro. Only hustle for 8 hours a day. Make the customer base work on your schedule, not you on theirs.

    Then again, someone saying that the times were too odd, probably wasn't moving weight.

    Honestly, pills and pharms are the easiest way to make money in college. Go to your doctor, tell him you have a hard time paying attention in class and that since your in college now, your afraid it will effect your grades. Go to a different doctor and tell him you hurt your back or leg or something, make sure you say its a muscle that hurts and make sure you respond to the same spot everytime when he presses.

    Vikes and Addies are the most sought after in college. 5 a pop isnt un-heard of.
  20. get a job as a waiter somewhere, so you can make cash tips that you won't really have to claim on your taxes......

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