In CO/WA, can employers still test?

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  1. Since it's legal as recreational, can employers still fire or choose not to hire you on the basis of evidence that you've smoked?
  2. good question, for weathorford, they'll test you anyway fro mmy understanding and in my personal opinion, an employer's got a right to test you before hiring you though i think testing for MJ is bullshit because all drug tests ive heard of, especially, EMIT tests, dont test for intoxication but rather if you have anything in your system from previous use, thereby checking for what you do at home, not what you do at work, where it would actually be relevant
  3. Another thing too is that drug tests only catch MJ, nothing really big like unmentionables... idk. I live in CA now but I'm going to be moving out to CO next year. Guess I should read up on the law a bit more.
  4. they do if unmentionables are done close enough time wise to the test but yeah MJ about the only thing to ever get caught cus its easy to get 3 days notice, much harder to get 2 weeks - a month or more notice lol
  5. Employers that have liability insurance with some insurers must have a drug screening program and all federal drug screening requirements will still be in effect,,the insurance companies can be forced through litigation to either remove marijuana from the screening or quit selling their insurance in the state but the feds can't,,and any federal contract/job will require drug screens.
  6. You'd better read up on drug screen panels also if you think weed is the only thing that will show up. You can be denied a job or fired regardless of whether it is weed or other drugs.
  7. Yes. And thats the bottom line.
  8. Yup. Breathe the words "medical marijuana" when you've got a CDL and expect to be pissin'(or some other method of collection). Employer pre-hire policies state they are in compliance with "all laws, state and federal" and it's businees as usual for the drug testing clinics.

    Some of the best non-testing jobs (in WA) are state jobs, btw.:)
  9. No bro, you have a constitutional right to blaze, fuck the weed nazis.
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    They are going to drug test you before they hire you. And if there is an accident when you're working and you come up positive, they're going to fuck you and blame you and fire you.
    It really depends on where you work. If you're slinging burgers at Micky D's, you got no worries. If you're a member of the bomb disposal unit or work at a nuclear reactor, smoking weed will most likely get you fired.
  11. They can still test you, just as how if a man has long hair and can't get the job for it even though a woman can have hair down to the floor they don't see that as sexism and don't charge it as such. Our supreme court wants a business to have the right to hire who they want in their establishment.

    -Sad guy with long hair :( lol
  12. I know that feel my friend.
  13. They can, ive heard of places screening for nicotine because if the person smokes cigs they dont want them to be craving when theyre working and having it interfer with their buisness

  14. Good logic right? Take away a druggies habit and it won't interfere with their business, withdraws are only in movies right? LOL XD
  15. the idea is to not have smokers hired on in the first place, personally if youre gonna keep one drug out of oyur business i'm in favor of keepin them all out, if i wouldnt hire a stoner for the job, i certainly wouldnt be hiring a smoker either
    some jobs may have customers who are offended by it as well, to me, thats important enough not to hire smokers because keeping customers happy with my service would be my number 1 priority

  16. The sad thing is that smoking marijuana offends anyone at all tbh...
  17. It's up to the owners of the business.

    claygooding brings up a good point about the insurance companies. Even if the company doesn't care their insurance company probably does. So they test you.

    Just because something is legal even federally doesn't mean a company has to tolerate their employes using it and can't fire them for it if they want to.

    If you tested positive from something like marinol which is federally legal and prescribed by your doctor you might be able to save your job. If they didn't believe you you'd have to take them to court I'm sure and prove they're not hiring/firing you because you are taking your legally prescribed medication. There's gotta be some kind of law on that. Maybe not though.
  18. No, i mean if they smoke cigs they wont even hire them because they dont want them craving a cig whike theyre working and not concentrating
  19. they test for alchol and thats legal.

  20. Ah, that makes more sense then what I thought of it before. Yeah I can see the thing with cigarettes because of the physical addiction but I still don't understand why they don't want a creative stoner :(. Guess its just a thing their parents said was bad when they were younger lol.

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