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Discussion in 'General' started by sideways8, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey grasscity ppls, i wasnt sure what forum to post this in, so i'm guessing it's safe to post here.

    i live in atlanta and have had the same dealer since high school (im 23). ive taken an internship in chicago for the summer (arrived here yesterday) and was wondering if anyone from the city who frequented the boards knew of a good spot to find some smoke. it's been nearly two days now since i last lit up and the boredom is killing me.

    any help at all would be appreciated.
  2. theres alot of pipe shops on belmont and clark on the north side. maby hang around there lookin for stoney lookin people.
    bars, clubs, just meet people and youll find it. ganja is everywhere up here.
  3. QFT,

    Get a forty, sit under the bridge at belmont and clark and drink up, talk to the people chillin about, some probably doing the same. Just beware of shady people that can't hold a conversation, and don't follow anyone down any dark alleys or anything.. And obviously don't give any money before you see it.
  4. North side around Belmost, like all the other people said, is the BEST place to find good deals and hookups. My boyfriend asked a random stranger for a cigarette and got one half-full of weed. There's some kind people up there.
  5. definiatly go see some cubs games while on the north side. i always smell burning weeed while walking to the games.

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