In celebration of tomorrow heres a short rhyme for ya'll

Discussion in 'General' started by MrBubbles, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. This is a lil something i wrote today cause i was bored, happy 4/20!

    Well the time has come once again, to bow our heads and let the toking begin.

    Life may pass us by, but we'll all be stoned cause nobodys dry.

    Some people might try to pig out, but just offer them a cig instead till the lights go out.

    If it starts to get dull just take a nap, then when you wake open up the sack.

    When you get the red-eyes dont fret, just keep it cool so the pigs have no reason to arrest.

    Keep yourself busy at all times, cause staring at a wall aint funner than slingin' a rhyme.

    So let the blunt smoke flow just to show the piggies aint stoppin us fo' sho fo' sho.

    I just thought that I'd spread a little lyrical joy in celebration of the ganja smokers true holiday, April 20th.
    So stay safe and HAPPY 4/20!!!
  2. Wow u where bored....Good poem though.
  3. haha yo that's dope, bubbles!

    rep + for sure, buddy.

    I'm dissapointed you changed your avatar. Cheech is the man.

    Happy 4:20! :smoke:
  4. Haha, Yes bubbles!
  5. he didnt, this is a different dude

    Mr.Bubbles has a period in his name

    nice flo tho man
  6. My bad.

    He still got rep though, cause it was a dope poem.

    I'm just relieved Mr. Bubbles still gots Cheech going on.

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