In Baltimore County, MD

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  1. I'm Tavon in MD... 25, Early Childhood Education major, regular smoker (3 year smoker, recent regular toker), like exotic and reggie... no other drugs whatsoever (I barely drink). Love horror movies, and anything dealing with the paranormal, Roman Catholic (born in 2 it and practicing), loves older music the girl groups of the 50's and 60's r some of my favouritesfavourites (especially The Supremes), love disco, classical, some rock, r&;, and Missy Elliott.... I just wanted 2 take this moment to say hello 2 every1 "hi" *waves and smiles warmly", "its good 2 meet u. 8 look 4ward 2 hearing from some of u"
  2. whats good son. 410 stand up!
  3. Whats up fool.!!

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