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In all your years of experience, what is the best kind of high for you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KinkySwitch, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. We know there are head highs, body highs, energetic highs, etc.

    But what i want to know is, in all your years of tokin' and bongin' and puffin'...etc.... if you've found a particular kind of feeling or effect.

    Is there a particular strain that does it for you? Is it something that happens randomly?

    For me, I like the kind of highs where I get really creative and focused, and I can't tear myself away from anything, like right now. I smoked some GDP mixed with some purple Magoo, in hopes to help me get sleepy. And I was kind of tired for a little bit, so I prepared for bed and BAM, now I'm here, asking this question after I wasted the past two hours on puffing more of it and dicking around on Facebook.

    I also like the highs where I feel very floaty, and where I might get dizzy, but if I just sit down, I feel like I'll just lift right up off of my seat and start floating off to the right. Those are I guess very euphoric and relaxed highs, and everything feels so good, or is so soft etc...

    Let's get this sharin' of experiences and stories started! :smoke:
  2. I get this feeling maybe once every ten time I smoke or so. I have to already be pretty high, maybe 3 or 4 bong rips into it already. Then, if I take a hit that's big enough (and it has to be pretty big) I feel this huge rush that starts in my head and it feels kinda... electric. I call it a weedgasm but I dunno what it is. Could just be oxygen deprivation or something but it does NOT feel like that. My vision flashes with color... like damn. That's crazy. Doesn't happen too often though and only lasts a moment.
  3. I really wish I could smoke sativas, cause I LOVE head highs when I'm in a group. But when I'm by myself I just think and think and think. Sometimes it's good but I usually just realize how unwanted and weird I must seem to others.

    So im gonna have to say I like the body highs because it lets me chill and not think so much.
  4. Really good sativa dominant hybrids, alien og would probably be my favourite out of all the strains I've tried. I like them mostly for the random ass kinda trippy thought processes and the fact that they dont make you super lazy and tired like more indica kush strains.
  5. A vaporizer and a nice indica will keep me goin for a few hours so I can enjoy my high while listening to music or gaming, then puts me to sleep nicely on the comedown
  6. I prefer sativa but over the years of smoking I've learned that not one method is preferred but to shuffle all available methods to maintain a genuine high
  7. Interesting responses so far. I think a lot on Blue dream.
    I think I prefer more Euphoric head highs. Purple Flow has done that to me. Purple urkle and Purple Magoo have done that to me as well.

    Right when it hits, after you've taken a few puffs consecutively, and BAM, you can't really feel the world, instead you feel like you can just get up and float away.

    The other night I was so fucking high on purple urkle, I used too much, and I sat down at the kitchen table, and found a mark on the table, so I focused on it and put my fingers on either side of it and told myself that if I just focused on it I would be fine and I wouldn't green out.

    Then I laughed at myself for a little bit because I was being so stupid. But hey I got through the scary "omg I feel too disconnected and floaty" phase allright, then I just proceeded to laugh at myself again as I tried to figure out what I wanted to snack on.

    Then I went in my room alter and laid down and masturbated a lot, and went to sleep. =) I couldn't cum or squirt I gave up, but it was fun and felt really good.

    We all know by now that I"m a girl, right?

    A really really good high for me will be kind of a head high, but I'll be really aroused. I'l lbe clear headed, but really aroused and so I'll be able to interact with my partner sexually, get down and dirty, but It won't be like drunk sex (which I don't do), and I don't regret it or anything, because i"m basically clear headed and I can think and make decisions.
  8. one f the best highs ive ever had was this one time i took a trip to PC to visit some friends, and they hooked me up with some mango kush and some bubble hash, witch was probably made fromthe kush hahaha
    that was the most sedative, slow down high ive ever felt. Very calming for my fucked up nerves.
  9. Why is this thread in apprentice tokers?
  10. my mind is on some natural indica shit lol
    i need a strong sativa to balance the equation

    then again,
    i dont mind melting into the occasional couch
  11. I like when i have an intense body high and i get euphoria throughout my body. literally all i can do is sit there and enjoy it
  12. Indica dominant strains; the ones that start out with a mellow downstream flow, sinking into a deep inward current before rushing upwards and gently out to sea.

    I enjoy the inner mind-space, and the energy/focus to write down some of my thoughts after.
  13. any type of high where I can feel awesome but still get things done without people going "wooah, he's toasted"
  14. I don't know? Either it was moved here, or I put it here to be on the safe side, so that the Mods wouldn't move it?

    It was probably moved, actually....Because I don't think I put this in Aprentice Toker...=/ Lame. really picky mods
  15. I only smoke hash.The best kind of hash for me,from all those years of toking.It will be the mango hashish.Second place coming in,is the Lebanese hashish.
  16. Indica. So stupid tired you can't walk is amazing. But the other day I had a crazy sativa high, so I dunno. Sativa in large quantities at a time might be awesome...
  17. I honest to betsy enjoy being stoned to the bone. Like after a day of chillin at my buddys house, packing bowl of chronic after bowl, and by the end of the night weree both just locked in our comfortable zones, playing call of duty or watching the news and just laughing/feeling sad for all the fucked up shit happening in the world..

    But yes, when I get that feeling, its almost like I can feel my body temperature drop, that's how stoned I am. I feel so relaxed, and literally chilled. And my eyes are half shut, and nothing can bother ,e at that point.

    Ahh yes, the best
  18. The best, meaning most potent stuff? I don't think anyone could argue that earwax/BHO/CO2 hash is among the most potent stuff around.

    However my favorite strain is Sour Diesel.
  19. sitting on the couch or out in the sun and you are so stoned that you breath deep and rhythmically to go along with the nerves across your body having a weedgasm
  20. Not sure what to call it, but a high that just puts me in a good mood, makes me smile.

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