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in all honesty, how bad is weed for your brain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Psychologically, it can bring dormant mental illnesses to the surface. This is the only confirmed effect weed has with the brain
  2. Personally i think it affects your short term memory, but idk for sure i know it has for me lol
  3. i dont even really suffer much memory loss anymore (except when im stoned) and the only thing that can be bad for your brain is holding your hits too long and that's not the weed, just pure suffocation
  4. Depends on how you use the drug.. I personaly use it as a mind expansion drug.. I dont do it as a crutch for the most part and im not some giggly guinieapig all the time

    But its also great for relaxing..

    If you do positive and productive things you will get in that habbit and it will be a inhibiting drug not a prohibiting drug


    But if youre saying that weed causes your brain to shrink or anything then i say no, it doesnt so in that sense its not bad for you.
  5. Take a look around you, observe, analyze. Screw the medical studies and theory for now, just take a look at the reality...that will give you a general idea of what weed does for your brain.

    Personally, I don't know anyone who smoked weed all day everyday and graduated high school. I know tons of people who smoke it occasionally and are doing well for themselves, and a couple who rarely smoke and are in University (I myself fall under this category). I am not insinuating or hypothesizing that weed is detrimental to one's cognitive abilities; I am merely making observations of what transpires around me.

    Bears repeating, these are merely observations. Whenever I "binge" smoke (ie stay stoned for several consecutive days) I notice my reading speed and comprehension drop considerably...the impairment persists for days after I've stopped. I also notice my stress evaporate, which is not always a good thing as a little stress helps keep me motivated and focused.

    My best friend ended up in the psych ward of the local hospital for losing his grasp of reality and attacking someone. However, his family has a long history of schizophrenia, and it has been suggested that marijuana amplifies one's chances of becoming schizo if it's prevalent in the family.

    If you're worried about weed damaging your brain, then stop smoking it. Don't expect the biggest stoner website out there to provide you with an unbiased view of weed's characteristics, including its impacts on health. Either make your own conclusions based on your personal experience or take the time to read multiple medical studies, past and present, keeping in mind where the authors of EACH study got their funding from.
  6. Dunt smok t maks u dum
  7. I smoke a shitload of weed every day, probably 1-2 grams (and that's trying very hard to save)

    I have 3 classes this semester.

    Math 68% (however it's much better than last year 51%, and is only going up)
    Exercise Science 80-90% (Haven't got marks yet but my tests have been in between there)
    Personal Fitness 90% (Athletics, weight training etc)

    I would say my mark in math is completely unrelated to my marijuana use, I would say its more related to me not doing homework.

    I go to school high every single day, not bombed but I'll smoke a few poppers before going to class. I'd say it can sometimes help, sometimes deter my learning. It really depends on what I smoke. If it's good sativa bud I will be very able to learn, if it's shitty weed or some heavy indica I will burn out or just be mad stoned.

  8. I am an example of this, I finished high school known as THE stoner of my entire school, I graduated went to stratford culinary school and am working out of a hotel in vancouver making very generous amounts of money for my age at quite a lucrative job.

    Now im not trying to brag (perhaps i am;)) but that's besides the point, I'm only saying that not even very heavy stoners can lead fulfilling educated lives.
  9. Whenever I ear this question I refer to the fact that it is a fact upon reading about the man that... Einstein smoked weed! Look it up! Now, if it didn't hurt that brain...... Nuff said!!!
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Your Brain On Drugs![/ame]
  11. depends. If you have psychological illnesses which havent yet exposed themselves, then weed can increase the likelyhood that they will. One almost 100% guaranteed effect is your short term memory. It'll slowly creep up on you and then you'll be forgetting what channel you were at 2 seconds ago on the tv while your sober.
  12. Personally, it slows me down mentally. After smoking a good amount i can't think clearly or stay focused as easily as I could before. This effect eventually goes away but honestly, I think after smoking regularly it has had some permanent effect.

  13. This. Given the data and from anecdotal evidence, if you had a gross psychiatric issue, I would warn you off it.
  14. #15 majicbunnie, Oct 8, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 8, 2010
    I respect that you acknowledge this as your general observation and not a rule, but it is just that, YOUR observation of those who you know that smoke marijuana. It is possible you know many people who are successful who have an everyday habit of marijuana you are unaware of because of the fact they appear intelligent, capable, and motivated which is far from the typical 'stoner' stereotype. I can name countless references, (including myself) as a counterpoint to your argument, but those are MY observations and are as subjective as yours.

    So, In my response to the author, I'll do my best to stick to facts, not my observations. As others have stated, the main psychological issue confirmed to be linked to marijuana are latent disorders in those whose families have a history of such things (As well as those whose families do not, but ended up with a latent disorder anyway, but this is less common) It has not been proven to cause short term memory loss, but it is a very commonly reported side effect of heavier use (I myself experience this, am a daily smoker)

    Comprehension, math and other such brain-intensive work are difficult while influenced by marijuana, but it has little influence on your abilities while sober. On the other hand, it is often reported that marijuana use expands your way of thinking (as it has for me, this is a personal observation, not fact) and has begun to be linked to neurogenesis (brain growth, essentially).

    In conclusion, if that was too convoluted to be useful, stay away from it if your family has a history of psychological disorders, you may experience some memory loss and change in thinking, but overall, it's not all that bad for your brain. :wave:
  15. In all honesty, it makes nearly every aspect of life better.
  16. bad memory, makes me tired as hell in the morning if i get high the day before, but that's about it, my grades are below mediocre, but i will not blame that on weed, as they've been pretty low my whole life also makes me have no appetite when im sober

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