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In a round about way, marijuana cured my racism

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DopedUpFarmBoy, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. I now realize how stupid I was. A few months ago I started buying hooch from this new dealer I heared about. I get a friend to drive me there and when I get there he's black. After smoking some dope with the cat and listening to some tupac I realized that we're all equal. We all bleed red, smoke green, and run from the blue. It's funny cause most black folk are the funnest to be around while I'm high. Black people have influenced our culture more than any other race. Jazz, Soul, R&B... all amazing. The other day I actually gave one of my black bras a blunt cause he was out. If more people would just light a fatty, chill, and listen to eachother this world would be a much better place. Much love to all my black bras out there. :)
  2. sometimes black people get too much power...

    but i aint bitchen, I wasnt an enslaved for a long ass time....

    SO yes it all equals out in the end.
  3. It's all good, bra. Sometimes non-whiltes do get to say and do things that white folk can't get away with but I can still dig on that. I mean, I wish everyone could do and say anything they wanted. Personally, I don't want a WET or a white history month. I'm not gonna put down or try to stop a good thing that black folk have got goin' on as long as it doen't effect me in a bad way.
  4. on the flip side, none of today's black people have ever been enslaved. none of the white people alive today are slave owners. that point in history has been passed and trying to relive it is a cause of the chaos and bullshit we gotta deal with today.

  5. Isn't that the truth. Pass it my way. ;)
  6. I think all people are equel it pisses me off when black people are hated against and it pisses me off when black people are favored

    but the one thing i dont understand is why indians are paid money and alowed to have casinos just because the euros took there land in a fair fight. how did every one else get the land they have they took it from the people that were there before
    ps iam not hating on the indians my lover is one

  7. IT WASNT A FAIR FIGHT. They didn't say "lets fight for this land".. if Iran nuclear bombed america and took the place.. would that be fair?

  8. This is an aurument with no end.
  9. Yeah, the Native American situation is completely different. Broken treaties, backstabbing, thievery, genocide, they had it the worst.
  10. i understand this point but dont you think that this was happing between the tribes i mean how was land attained by beating the shit out of the other guys and i do kno what the euros did was fucked up the small pox blankets make me cringe

    And again i do not think less of them or any one because of race
  11. Whitey came over with small pox, guns, and horses. What the 'euros' did to the Indians makes what Hitler did to the Jews look like a tickle fight.

    Dude we fucking raped and destroyed their culture. We let Disney make Pokehontas. We gotta give the Indians something back.
  12. iam not a we iam first genration amercian but i kno what happened was horrible i kno a lot of people died because of the white man's quest for more power but i just think that has happened to a bunch of diffrent cultures think of Gengus Khan

  13. Could be the truest thing I have heard all night.
  14. Manifest destiny. Their was absolutely nothing America could do to stop the settlement of the West. Once gold was discovered in the Black Hills and California, word spread like wildfire. The US Army tried stopping the immigration, they burned peoples wagons and sent them back, but it was impossible; they tried closing the frontier. It was impossible. The huge reservations that we established in the West for Indians were overwhelmed with settlers trying to strike it rich. Once the world realized the great wealth that was available here, not only whites, but hispanics, blacks, Asians and whites alike all contributed to the demise of the Indian way of life. It was the end of their era. Nobody could have prevented it; the blame cant be placed on any one body of people. Before you make ignorant statements, comparing the development of the West to the holocaust I encourage you educate youself on the events that actually occured at that time. Otherwise you run the risk of coming off like a complete jackass, as you did.
  15. Glad to hear it. Weeds a beautiful thing.
  16. Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia. Famous court case. American president Andrew Jackson could have done something about it. His refusal to abide by the Supreme Court's decision to grant the Cherokee Nation their rightful land (which we now know as Georgia) set a precedent encouraging the total annihilation of the Native American people. This is a case of the Executive branch ignoring the ruling of the Judicial branch. To summarize, our government broke it's own laws to allow ethnic cleansing. One direct result of this is what is known as The Trail of Tears. An appropriate name for a horrible act that was devised by the American government to wipe out a people who had the legal right to keep their land.

  17. Manifest destiny is fucking bullshit. White Christians came to the new land with guns, germs, and steel and committed genocide pure and simple. The Spanish got the Aztecs and the Incas and the English, dutch, French, all got their slice too.

    Trail of tears?

    Small pox covered blankets?

    Rape and murder of women and children?

    Poor old Europeans didn't have a choice in the matter. There was gold so they had to sail over 2000 miles and destroy an entire continent filled with various tribes. Yep. European expansionism wasn't racist at all.:rolleyes:
  18. That's good to hear, man. That actually did the same for me. It just bothers me when that little percentage of black people are totally shitty to every white person because their ancestors were enslaved by us.

    I see Manifest Destiny as I type this. I bet that will cause some controversy...
  19. Black people never seem to like me. But Mexicans and Asians always get along with me.
  20. Jackson was a proponent of Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia. He did do something. He signed the Indian Removal Act. He believed Georgia had the right to govern the Cherokee people. This was later overturned by Worcester v. Georgia. Ultimately lttle action was taken on either case and it was the The Treaty of New Echota, signed by factions of the Cherokee nation, that led to the removal of the Cherokee and The Trail of Tears. If a single historical event could be blamed for the eventual hardline taken on the Indian people, it would be The Battle of Little Big Horn or the Minnesota Uprising, the Idians were begininning to revolt and many settlers, entire families, were killed by Indians. Something had to be done with the Indians, the Indian Question was a huge issue for everybody and in the election of Grant. Our government was a mess at the time, scandal was everywhere, everyone was crooked in Grants administration. Taking into consideration the infantile state of our government and the other monsterous issues of the time, the Indians were dealt with in the in the most sensitive manner possible.

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