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in a little voice "im lost"

Discussion in 'General' started by skittlette, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. on repeat in my head...

    i just dont know rite now

    tomorrow could be better, may be worse...

    ill never know..o well
  2. Were all lost in this crazy world.

    And theres two ways you can go about it. You can either set your life to making reference points, to try and map out the unkowable, change the unalterable, to push some sort of SANITY of this crazy chaoes that is existense. Try to define everything as it is, seperately, systematically, to set order to it all.

    OR you can accept that everything moves as it will, as do you. Accept that you do not have complete control of existence, accept that you cannot define all that there is, and instead lose yourself in the random, erractic chaos, finding the ultimate freedom that you can do ANYTHING you desire, within the confines of the natural laws of energy and existence.

    After all, what excitement would there be in tomorrow if you already knew what was going happen, how it would go down?
  3. well shit, i found you pretty easily.
  4. thanks scooby..needed the giggle

    and no..i CANT do anything, its not only my life in my hands rite now
    and in that there are a million other consequences that i really dont want to deal with lately...i think i just need a good hug and a great friend...but wait...they are all 1000 miles days ahead for me! lol
  5. Aye I suppose words given in vague generalities can only help so much.

    I suppose if there is just too much to handle, just take a minute and try to appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the world around us. Thats what I like to do. Sitting on a hill watching the sunset can often really put things into perspective.

    Other than that, hold on, be strong, and KNOW that you will find yourself, and get through whatever it is you must.
  6. i kno ill be alright...i always a fucking rock man!

    i think im going to watch a movie, and then go downstairs and cuddle the kittens while i still can...soft fuzzy things that love back are always just in a slump happens...just thinking about all the shit that i NEED to get done soon...bums me out..too much all at once when all i wanna do is do what i do
  7. Yeah its times like that when the idea of just goin off to the jungle and startin your own tribe sounds a little TOO tempting :p
  8. lol!! THE ISLAND MAN!!!! lmao...

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