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In a hotel room...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rizenn, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hello community, I've been traveling with the family and finally on my way home,
    We stopped in a hotel for the night and I was thinking damn I kind of want to smoke.

    It's too late now to right now but in the morning do u think I can pull off hot boxing the bathroom?

    Will having the shower on blockout the smell or what ?

    What procedures should I take.
  2. Just go outside dude
  3. Step 1) Roll up a RAW.
    Step 2) Go outside.
  4. I smoked joints in a non smoking room, and nothing happened. You should be fine with the bathroom.
  5. If you hotbox in the morning the maid will still smell it
  6. most hotel rooms have vents in the bathrooms, turn on the shower hot and blow out all of you smoke into the vent. (if you have a bowl only back one hitters, if it is a joint hold it near the vent). Leave the vent of and maybe spray some cologne and you should be fine. But most importantly be smart and be careful.
  7. If you're travelling with family staying in the same hotel room and worried about whether they will smell it, then hotboxing the bathroom is a bad idea. A shower/steam might help to get rid of the smell, but it's certainly not going to make it absolutely smell proof.

    If you're just worried about the hotel staff, then... meh? I've smoked in hotel rooms plenty of times and no one ever cared.
  8. Yeah don't smoke in the bathroom if your worried about your family smelling. They will notice.

    Just say you can't sleep and go outside
  9. How did you get weed?
  10. We went to a show, buddy hot boxed the bathroom while taking a shower using the steam trick, the bathroom still reacked after, only try if you have a window and high power fan
  11. street corner duh
  12. Probably grew it right there in the hotel
  13. Lol yep grew it right in the room and I guess ill try it wish me luck and yes worried about parents by what ill do is turn shower on get it steamy pour some shampoo to make it smell good

  14. Gonna ask him what hotel he's at next, cop? LOL. :hide:
  15. I've smoked my bong in a hotel bathroom with my family there.But it's not that my family cares that I smoke weed,but the fact that my mom would have flipped because she would be worried about getting kicked out of the hotel.

    This hotel bathroom had a window though.So I took my luggage in there,put a towel under the door,turned on the hot water and ripped an entire bowl through the bong and held it as long as possible and blew it out the window.Didn't get caught ever.

    But,this situation is different and you should have planned a little better.

    I used to go to Disneyland alot and stay at one of the hotels next to it.Now I've never done this,but the next time I go,I want to smoke for sure.

    My plan is to get the bathroom nice and hot with bodywash on the shower floor,a towel under the door and the vent on.Take bong hits with enough weed to snap through in one hit and for me to be able to hold as long as possible.Then I would get some febreeze(the original linen scent cause most hotels use a generic fresh linen scented laundry detergent)and spray a shirt or towel or something and then blow the air out of your lungs(which hopefully has little to no smoke left)into it.After you've smoked enough to where you feel like you'll have a good high,give the bathroom a generous spray as well.
  16. Take a step outside. Much nicer.
  17. hahahahahhahaahh.
    tell me what happens. :smoking:
  18. I stayed in a hotel this past week and smoked nightly. I just went in the bathroom, let it fill with stream from the shower and blew in the vent. I also put a towel down blocking the bottom of the door in the bathroom. No one said anything. I didn't even really worry about it.
  19. take it outside homie.
  20. I did it in the bathroom no vent and it worked out pretty nice

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