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  1. Yesterday i came home from work and got on my facebook, only to find a message from my best friend, whom ive known for more than 5 years, treated like a brother, and always been there for, tell me that his parents found his stash of weed and he told them he got it from me. It sucks so much because first and foremost, i cant believe he would do me like that. The weed he got caught with was in fact given by me, for FREE, b/c he said he was stressed and i gave like .4 or .5 of dank for absolutely no cost, stating that i dont charge family. I've always been there for this kid, and he goes around and fucks me over like that. I had a lot of respect for his parents as well, especially his mom, but now they dont even want me coming over to there house anymore. Im just so fucking pissed that he would actually do something like this, on top of that theres a chance his parents might tell my parents and ill be fucked in the head even more :(. He even admitted to the fact that he did it to save his own ass.

    I need words of wisdom GC...
  2. Dont scrap the friendship
  3. sounds like your boy is going through tough shit with his rents and they applied pressure and he cracked. It won't be to bad on your end they prob won't call ur rents if they do in the long run not a big deal. It sounds like you got alot of love for this kid i have friends I consider family and no matter what they do they are still family.
  4. That's the last thing i wanna do, but its to the point where im probably not gonna see him for a while since he cant leave his house, and i cant go to his house :/
  5. man this thread takes me waaaaaaay back. Your friend reminds me of me and you remind me of Tony... haha its all good mang you guys will hang out permission or not just the way it goes lol all will be back to normal in two weeks tops.. :) spoken from experience

  6. He is going through A LOT of shit with his parents, and thats stressin him out a lot, along with school and everything that comes with that. I mean yeah he's family, but it still urks me that this dude actually "told" on me. I dont know man but i hope you're right, hopefully this will all blow by
  7. Agreed he shoulda said anybody but you.. Hell when my parents 1st found out I blazed they pressured the shit outta me to tell em where it came from.. The ground wasn't good enough so I chose a kats that moved and blamed him.. Make sure your stash is hid well just in case your parents get a phone call. Hopefully his parents will come around in time and yall can kick it again. Best o' luck
  8. no no no his parents are probably really good and see right through his bullshit and they are manipulaters and twisting him around to get the info the want. He sounds like me if he is like me he aint the brightest and prob was handicapped because of it from the start. THEY hold all the cards ALL of them. He dropped your name because he knew that he could prevent them from calling your parents, in his mind it was the best option at the time and he was thinking about YOU he wouldn't have done it if he thought it would hurt you at all. and to show them he wasnt rebelling or fighting. he submitted he failed under HARD pressure. it wont come back to you and his parents wont hate you forever either. my parents love tony and they know all he does is drugs this is later of course but you catch my drift ....
  9. Haha I once helped form a stoner out of a "nerdy" kid. Goofy kid with a red nose and a belly. Showed him the ropes. He became one of my bestfriends. When I got caught I told my parents he got me started because I cracked under the pressure. Felt like shit for it but we remained toking together no matter what.
  10. Sounds like you need to become an adult bro.
  11. Is everybody here that fucking stupid? There's nothing worse than a snitch. I had a couple friends that were brothers, and when they got caught they said my name so quick to save their asses. When I got caught like a year later my folks asked me who got me started and if it was those two guys, and I straight up told them that if anything I got them started. I just knew it was a good thing and started on my own.
  12. I'm just mad that he didnt take responsibility for his own mistake, but yeah he probably did crack under pressure
  13. loool man shit happens its not a big deal thats what friends are for
  14. Tell him to get a job and move out-problem solved
  15. Tell your boy he needs to either man up(it's not like he got caught with an oz..) or learn how to MAKE SHIT UP. I mean damn, the least he could've said was he got it from some guy on a street corner. But instead he cracked and threw you under the bus. I'd advise against ever doing anything illegal with this dude in your presence.
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    Sometimes under pressure like that you snap. I had my parents ask a few times and I just said that if I told you who I got it from there would be retaliation on my family/life. Or just make up a name.

    But don't end a brotherly friendship over him slipping on your name, at least it wasn't to the cops.
  17. He is likely too honest for his own good. While that may suck right now, overall it isn't a bad quality. He just needs to learn that there is a right and wrong time to stick to your principles. Obviously narcing out a bro is not a good time. Please forgive him and teach him well. :smoke:

  18. I asked him why of all the people in the whole fucking world he picked me to rat on, and his reply was that he didnt want his parents thinkin he was going around town looking for drugs, he told his parents that i gave it to him to try it out, and that he had never did it before (which is bullshit, he started smoking before i did).

    If he can crack under pressure in front of his parents, then he probably will in front of a cop too. But yeah im not ending the friendship, im just not gonna smoke with him at all....ever lol.

    I have forgiven him! Thats the closest thing i have to a blood brother, and yea he fucked up, but it doesnt mean im done with him or w/e...I just cant believe he actually ratted me out

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