in a beautiful place out in the... sea (landscape pictures)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by mooglekexin, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. have alovely picture, courtosy of mooglek

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  2. and another...

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  3. and more...

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  4. wheres that at? looks nice..
  5. The second one really took me away. Thanks for sharing with us, Moogle. :)
  6. the last one is awesome...

    a friend of mine and i went out for a drive and we came across this narrow bridge that train tracks went over...we drove a little further then saw a train going the other way on the we sped back to the spot (beating the train there) and waited and i snapped a few pictures, the train had 2 engines and 139 cars, it was really sweet:

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  7. coming soon, hopefully tommorow... ORKNEY IN SNOW !!!

    shame i have to resize 'em to 800x600, look a lot nicer massseve
  8. great pics moogle.. I lovt the water no matter where it is!!!!
  9. its terrible weather here so hopefully it will mean good photos :D
  10. out of that list of 7 pics... the winterburn.jpg one is my fave.. looks fuckin cool... our winter is soo ugly... just cuz its -40 degrees out and everywhere in town is disturbed by people or construction... fuckin boomtown.. keep the picks commin

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