In 5 Years Of Smoking, I Finally Have Rolled My 1St Joint

Discussion in 'General' started by ToxicShade, Jun 17, 2013.

    I been smoking for a couple of years but never rolled a joint myself, Usually friends would do it or id Mostly just use my Bong pipes and Vaporizer. But here it is! my Masterpiece!!. Waiting for In-Laws to go to sleep. then i can go Light it. 

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  2. good looking jay! hope you enjoy it man.
  3. Thanks!
    Just smoked it! Smooth  Hit and burned slow. I Think i'm gonna start doing this more often.
  4. hell yeah bro thats a dope first j for sure  :smoking:  how much did you put in?
  5. Hahahaha I suck at rolling
  6. Not bad some days I do great and some days I am horrible Seems like i can roll bigger ones easier
  7. I'm in the same boat as you, all these years I've only smoked from bongs and pipes, so my jointsmithing skills are right low. Practice makes perfect though, you got a sweet j rolled up! Way better than what I can do. You know that one earlier episode of Breaking Bad when Walt was making a joint to smoke? That's me LOL
  8. Been smoking for nearly 7 years and i still cant roll... i waste like ten papers trying to tuck then i say fuck it and table roll some mediocre crap.

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  9. Been smoking 3 years and have never rolled a Jay, but have smoked many hahah. But congratulations my dude
  10. Looks dank.

    You rolled straight cone without a roach right?

    That's the way to go...

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