In 30 minutes The brownies will kick in, what should I do at that point in time

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  1. I'm smoking a blunt and taking bong hits right now.
  2. Go for a romp through the woods, then get some food.
  3. The woods are right there but I can't stand up. My legs have roots.
  4. I made nesquick choclate milkshake abnd bacon
  5. do something fun your gonna be ready to do go to bed by like 5 pm
  6. Do a trick
  7. I greatly understimated this weed....... took 6 bong hits, I'm starting to se blur spots in my vision spectrum field of vision in sight of eyes of vision. watching shutterisland
  8. Log number 1: Day 1: I must conquer this beast of straberry kush. I shall hit it 3 more times ith one kief bowl and conquer it. Yes!
  9. dont smoke too much the lethal dose of cannabis is 7 bong hits
  10. I'm at about 9. I get fucked up at 2. This is better weed than I've ever had. Strawberry kush. In about 10 minutes. Shit's gonna be fun
  11. NUMBA 10 chackahackahckaha, yayayayayayayayaa
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  13. turn head sideways, so letters are up to down vertical and it look veryfanny, asdhsafaksfghksafhla;sfiosaifoasfhgasdasxcvbnm,.;l'
  14. omg shutter island has like dead children wtf.... awww thats grosss..
  15. go to walmart and ride the bikes
  16. Go to bikes and ride the Walmart ;)
  17. Bike to go and wal the ridemart.:wave:
  18. go to the sporting goods store and punch the punching bags
  19. Listen to some crazy dubstep (must have "good" bass system/headphones though)

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