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    Let me know what you think!
    The first and second release of In 24 Hrs.

    I would appreciate input!

    First off, We have Bill :
    Characteristics : Witty, sarcastic, funny, bold.
    He is usually the ringleader whether the outcome is good or bad.
    Job: Works for Pick Up Service (P.U.S). A delivery company inside the city.
    Interests : Music, Beer, Playing guitar
    Also enjoys attempting to 'pick up chicks', but often doesn't have much luck.

    Our Second Main Character, we have Lou :

    Characteristics : Relaxed, go-with-the flow type of guy
    Even though well educated, Lou often portrays himself as less intellegant.
    Job: Zoo Keeper.
    Interests : Drums, partying, playing with Wesley the ferret
    Lou also seems to dip into the 'stash' a bit more than any of the other house members.

    For our Third Character , we present Guy :

    Characteristics : Outgoing, artistic, fun
    Guy, out of the 3 is the more serious member of the house. Although not too serious, Guy still knows how to have a great time!
    Job: Owner of the company "Mobo Taco" , a taco shop on wheels.
    Interests : Playing Guitar, painting, making money.
    Guy works hard to play hard but 'mo money, mo problems'.

    Last but not least out of main characters, we have the landlord Floyd:

    Characteristics : Flamboyant, goofy, friendly
    Even though Floyd's intentions are usually for the good, they often end up becoming intrusive.
    Job: Graveyard Keeper: Works at the graveyard during the "graveyard shift"
    Interests : Playing with his dog Simon, gardening, socializing with tenants
    Floyd is a strong supporter of the "Rainbow Flag" and is searching for "The other side of the rainbow".



    Smells Gay


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    As far as the storyline, I'm left confused....but the cartoon itself looks great. impressive
  3. If I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.
  4. It might be funnier if I was stoned.
  5. It might be funnier if he didn't make a new thread about this comic every single day
  6. hire a writer to write you better material

    didn't even crack a smile
  7. Hey it's better than family circus
  8. Thanks for the kind words... My bad if I am irritating people, just this is one of the very few places I use to come, trusted that it was a fair place to post our material. Its been a few days since I have been on, let alone posted about In 24 Hrs. These first 2 strips aren't the best, I know that, but all 3 of us work full time and go to school, this is just something we are trying to start up.. I understand most of you aren't trying to be dicks about it, just really hope you might check out the 3rd in a week. I wont make a new thread, but just add to this one and hopefully those that I irritated won't be so upset. Again, I appreciate any constructive criticism, but honestly, the pilot is boring because we were trying to introduce the characters in a short skit, and the second one does have a bit of humor to it, but I guess thats because that scenario really happened to us...

    Hope you all understand and maybe are a bit more accepting of any future releases you may see. Trust me, they do get better, we just have to put a bit more time into it before the release. These strips are slightly based around our current events, so if you couldn't tell, we are still a bit into moving. Again, I promise better if you check back in a week..:eek:

    Thank you..
  9. Make up your own scenarios, don't use shit that's happened to you in real life. Reality is boring, unless you're a stand up comedian, then it's pretty much your job. The second strip wasn't funny at all, I'm sorry. To me it seemed you were trying too hard, and the joke came off as pretty lame. I mean, smells gay? Gay scent? Wtf?

    I understand you guys are new, and are trying to come up with original content. But maybe you should spend more time on it, don't feel the need to push it out in a weeks time. Mull it over and release it when you guys think it's at it's best. Hope this helped a bit.
  10. I liked the artwork and I'd definitely look at more
  11. Thanks! Your support is appreciated. :wave:
  12. In 24 Hrs : Sissy Bath Boy : Set 03

    Presented By : The Production Cave

    In this weeks release of the funny web comic In 24 Hrs, Bill challenges whether or not Guy takes baths.

    Please follow us!/ProductionCave
    Become a fan of us In 24 Hrs | Facebook

    if you like it! We greatly appreciate ANY input!

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    Anyone Like the third release? Could use some comments please!
  14. I can't see shit
  15. umm these just seem like jokes wit no punchlines. i dont really get it?
  16. I'm once again left confused.
  17. Yeah,

    I think you need to team with with a writer that has a vision/concept. As it stands now, the flow of the cartoons is very weak. And the humor is very juvenile, I mean you have 2 "Haha you ghey" "jokes". Depending on what is your target audience, you might want to crank up the maturity a notch or two.

    You also need some kind of story arc, maybe they want to start a grow op. This is the only house they can afford, but the landlord is vehemently opposed to grass.

    You need to have some kind of dynamic in there. Right now it feels empty and without purpose.

    Your drawings are amazing though! I really hope you can find a writer to team up with.

  18. If these are meant to be anti-jokes, then you're doing pretty well.

    If these are meant to be actual jokes, then don't quit your day job.

    It's not even creative at all. The last one was literally some guy taking a bath and some other guy calling him a sissy. Where is the humor?

  19. I think he mentioned that these are based on 'actual' events that occured to them. So I think the reason these things are funny to 'them' is that it reminds them of the situation.

    It's good to write 'based' on real events, but he better find an angle to it that is not just funny for him and his friends.

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