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  1. Hey guys and gals, please take a second to check this out.
    A friend of mine started a new web comic and could really use your support, so I will post some info on it, and if you could find it in your heart to show some support and like his facebook fan page, he and I would greatly appreciate your support!!

    Also, if you have any ways of promoting it or getting a few other people to see it, your efforts will be forever appreciated. Thank you and I hope you like what you see!!

    Fan Page:
    In 24 Hrs | Facebook

    Here is what you are supporting. The creation of this web comic. Here are the 4 main characters and info. Again, PLEASE like on FB. Thank you!!

    For this full article, with character images (They were far too big for the forums here on GC)
    Check out The Chacacter Info on The Production Cave

    First off, We have Bill :
    Characteristics : Witty, sarcastic, funny, bold.
    He is usually the ringleader whether the outcome is good or bad.
    Job: Works for Pick Up Service (P.U.S). A delivery company inside the city.
    Interests : Music, Beer, Playing guitar
    Also enjoys attemtpting to 'pick up chicks', but often doesn't have much luck.

    Our Second Main Character, we have Lou :

    Characteristics : Relaxed, go-with-the flow type of guy
    Even though well educated, Lou often portrays himself as less intellegant.
    Job: Zoo Keeper.
    Interests : Drums, partying, playing with Wesley the ferret
    Lou also seems to dip into the 'stash' a bit more than any of the other house members.

    For our Third Character , we present Guy :

    Characteristics : Outgoing, artistic, fun
    Guy, out of the 3 is the more serious member of the house. Although not too serious, Guy still knows how to have a great time!
    Job: Owner of the company "Mobo Taco" , a taco shop on wheels.
    Interests : Playing Guitar, painting, making money.
    Drew works hard to play hard but 'mo money, mo problems'.

    Last but not least out of main characters, we have the landlord Floyd:

    Characteristics : Flamboyant, goofy, friendly
    Even though Gary's intentions are usually for the good, they often end up becoming intrusive.
    Job: Graveyard Keeper: Works at the graveyard durring the "graveyard shift"
    Interests : Playing with his dog Simon, gardening, socializing with tenants
    Gary is a strong supporter of the "Rainbow Flag" and is searching for "The other side of the rainbow".

    Again, please take a few seconds out and just click a button for me, it is more appreciated that you could imagine!
  2. Is this like the third thread you've made about this?
    Lol not being a dick, just saying
  3. Those are just the characters man for the comic, help any?
    not sure what part you don't get, but I don't mind explaining.
  4. Nah I get that lmao didn't get the punchline (if there was one) in the comic :)

    Animation is on point btw :wave:
  5. Ah, I get ya. No, the first one was really just to show people how all 3 because under 1 roof. I appreciate your reply though, but the next one that will be released tomorrow will have a bit more humor to it. Thanks again for your input!

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