In 1932 Colorado Repealed Alcohol Prohibition, The Next Year Federal Alcohol Prohibition Went Up In Smoke. When Is That Going To Happen For Marijuana?

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    before 1933, alcohol was illegal on the federal level. There was a constitutional amendment prohibiting alcohol and yet states took the lead and violated federal law. Colorado and a few other states legalized alcohol was it was still against federal law. It was only 1 year after Colorado legalized alcohol when federal alcohol prohibition was repealed. Its now half way through 2013 and marijuana remains in schedule 1. This is after two states (Colorado and Washington) legalized marijuana in the 2012 November election on the state level by the voters! Why wont the feds listen to the voters who want marijuana legalized? Whats taking so long? 

  2. Simple, "The Feds" are not a Kumbuya lovey dovey entity. There is no uniformity, co-operation, feel the love existance at the federal level. In fact, both mainstream parties would prefer if the discussion regarding legalizing marijuana did not happen. This topic is a poison pill and a potential death sentance to a presidential run. Only third party candidates want this discussion and to be honest the mainstream media wont cover third party candidates that can potentially alter the balance of power. They like the status quo, as do mainstream parties. States on the other hand have a much larger vested interest in listening to their voters. The Voters in Wa. and Co. made it perfectly clear they wanted MJ legal even though legislators/govenors did not. The will of the people spoke. On the Federal level legislators are much more insulated from angry voters and have mastered the art of trickery to confuse and throw off organized attacks on their cushy corporate supported jobs.
  3. So why wasnt it a death sentence when FDR campaigned in 1932 to legalize ALCOHOL???
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    In 1932 the mass majority of citizens wanted alcohol legal. These are different times. America has just recovered from a resurgence of the "family values" voting block. A runaway corporate media humiliated Clinton /America in front of the world and convinced the average Joe we were all morally correct, "Not Like Bill" types who went to church, raised God fearing kids, never got BJ's and did no wrong. Sadly, Americans fell for it. We elected majorities of god fearing republicans good at telling us how Liberals will send America straight to hell in a handbasket even though most of the ones getting elected were being seduced at lavish corporate parties, having affairs, and stuffing their bank accounts on lobby generated funds. GW Bush's handlers were masterful when they took a Texas party animal and turned him into a respected "God fearing" christian. The rise of the "Moral majority" under Tom Delay, Asa Hutchinson, and Carl Rove gave republicans cover from what they really stood for. All they had to do was pander to the flock and every pastor from S Carolina to Oregon rallied their flocks and insisted a vote for a republican was a vote for God. Sadly, many of these Moral majority legislators that got voted in are still in office. It is these remnants of days gone by that scare the bejesus out of the new crop of politician which has swung back towards the center...if not a tad towards progressive. Memories of anyone speaking out publiclly against God, prayer in schools, abstinance, the president, or family values turns political hearts cold with fear of voter repercussion. Take all this, and now add in the new Tea Party legislators, who although mostly would support a state law over a Federal law still tend to pander to the right wing christian crowd who are violently opposed to allowing anyone getting high on anything but Jesus. Therefore I repeat my hypothsis...The federal government is dysfunctional. Marijuana legalzation is far too poison of a pill to support at this point in US history. Hillary will most likely be the dem nominee and as I said earlier will work very hard at not having to address this issue due to it's poison nature. Whatever republican nominee is put up will do exactly the same....nothing. Marijuana legalization will be a fight fought in the State battlefields until the tide has swung so far in favor of legalization a presidential candidate/mainstream political party will actually benifit supporting it...and we as a country are not there yet.
  5. Alcohol being legal doesn't take money away from any other industry. A lot of monopolies will lose a lot of money once cannabis is legalized.

    But it will happen eventually anyway. My guess is though that about half of the states will have to legalize before the feds repeal federal prohibition.

    And even after that some states will keep their prohibition laws for years if not decades. I'll bet it is 100 years before it is legal in Kansas.
  6. Cannabis prohibition can't last another 10yrs. It simply isn't possible to re-make people naive. Half of the country wants weed legal because 1/2 have actually smoked it before. Medical marijuana is around 2/3 of the US population already and, last time I checked, teen use hasn't gone up, and the sky is still above our heads.
  7. Also remember the system was made broken. They wanted it that way so they could manipulate it in their favor.  I can imagine the founding fathers are spinning in their graves and super sonic speeds because of this too, because this isn't what they had in mind for this country. Sadly the only true change for this country will be if the whole system gets replaced. We may get lucky with the one in place, but it will take removing the majority, if not all of the incumbents in office and getting some younger and fresh minds into office to get things done.
  8. I draw a similar parallel with big oil and green energy. Although we all know green energy is where we as a country have to go, billions of dollars are spent by the oil lobby to keep congress supporting the status quo. Eventually big oil will not be able to compete with the much cheaper alternate "better" forms of energy, but will fight to the end delaying the enevitable and raking in massive profits in the meantime. It is no secret big Pharma also lobby's congress against marijuana legalization for the same reasons. Legal pot will strip billions of dollars from their profiting off of sick people and place a plant one can grow essentially free in the hands of a self medicating public.
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    Alcohol has poisoned minds to the point where people will claim that they need it...and it's a man's drink and yadda yadda...
    It could be found that alcohol somehow triggers something in humans to make them want to kill people and it still wouldn't be's be apart of society for far too long...since governments say its legal you have parents who openly drink it in front of children..thus a revolving cycle.
    As far back as I can ..I have memories of going to the store with my mom and her buying kaluha, or my pops getting his heineken and his crown royal..hell I thought Crown Royal was soo cool as a kid...I even kept my change in the bag...never had a piggybank.
    Alcohol is apart of our society and here to stay..
    Those racist fools back in the 1930s must be resting peacefully in their graves...the propaganda they spread we have some fighting to do to get marijuana as accepted like alcohol, and tobacco.
  10. money, same as it ever was, it's about corruption and money. alcohol prohibition put a lot of companies out of business, that were already operating, we don't have that issue now. in fact it's government that want's to make the money by keeping it illegal and being government drug dealers all the while laughing all the way to the bank.
    the CIA, NSA, FED'S and of course the big bread winner, the DEA all make huge amounts of profit running drugs in and out of many countries including the US. i don't think they wan't the situation remidied because they will loose their cash cow.
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    The 1/2 of the population you speak of is simply a poll that was taken. IF 1/2 of the voting public actually supported and demanded legalization, we would have it. The main problem is many pot smokers don't vote. And many people who have smoked pot (Obama for example) oppose legalization. Legalization will happen state by state when pot smokers get off the couch and participate in their civic duty to call/harass their legislators and back up thier calls with a vote on election day.

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