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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Raxc88, Nov 25, 2021.

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    Hey there, so first time grow, it is legal now where I live, and I actually found two seeds in an oz. of Blue Dream. My inner middle school science geek came out and I threw them in a ziploc bag with some paper towels, and let it chill in warm, dark place.

    One sprouted and so so I grabbed a small orchid pot that I had, did minimal research, ended up buying some coconut coir and perlite, planted the seed and the next day, baby, baby seedling.. I put it under and LED reading like that was not very intense, definitely nowhere near what it should have had.

    After a week and a half I had barely any growth, was doing more research...

    Another week and I haven’t had the money to get everything I wanted, but I did do a lot of research in finding some extremely budget friendly ways to get a setup going. Originally I wanted to just make a space tote, but for the cost of the plans I had draw up, my fiancé suggested that I just get a 2x4x4 tent…

    but I had no clue about nutrients..

    I consulted a buddy, who gave me some basic knowledge..
    She was super stunted, going into the 4th week, which I’m halfway through, but in an effort to get her into some nutritious soil, I I transplanted into a larger pot with about a 70/30 of happy frog and ocean flower.. I’ve introduced some nutrients into the feeding schedule, have only actually fed once with 1tsp/g of big bloom and grow big…
    My runoff at that point (11/19) was 6.5..
    I don’t test EC or PPM..
    Any ways Long story, long: she looks like she finally is starting to have some healthy growth, but it’s taken something to get to this point..

    I know the risk of transplanting so young, and into such a large pot, but it seemed necessary, I feel I just have to pay a bit more attention to how I am feeding. I have been putting small amounts just near the plant, and drilled quite a few holes in the pot, hopefully to allow for more oxygen into the soil.

    Please, any advice or knowledge would be awesome.. I’m interested to learn a bit about LST to maximize my harvest from a single plant..

    **Note: none of these photos are from today. I Decided to post this too late to get a photo, she sleep..
    so anyone interested stay tuned and you can see what I’ve managed to do from the 3 week old baby yellow seedling (taken on 11/18 I believe)

    thanks , all!

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  2. The big thing right now is not over watering. Look at the cup she's in and give her maybe 1/5 of the cup size of water and don't water again until the cup is light as a feather. And don't start on the nutrients yet she'll get everything she needs from the soil for a week or 2 and by that time you'll need to increase pot size. I would go straight to a 3-5 gallon pot after she's out grown the cup and that will buy you another 3 weeks of her just feeding off soil before nutrients are finally needed.
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  3. Yeah, what Ryan said, but I think the soil will last a bit longer. Not for sure though, I only do hydro.
    Love the last pic, you are a music maker I see.
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  4. Congrats
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  5. Chronic overwatering.
    Transplanting to a bigger pot will just make things worse.
    Cannabis is naturally Agoraphobic. Tiny plants in huge pots try and hide from all that open space by not growing.
    Big plants in tiny pots thrive.
    Dropped on the 8th and broke ground on the 11th.
    Ignore the back 4 plants.
    These are the travelers I've taken on a road trip for Thanksgiving. The single CFL is just to keep them awake at night. Not their usual lighting.


    I run 5 weeks in the 3x3x3 inch cups then transplant to the 5x5x7 inch for 5 more weeks of Veg.
    Then it's transplanted outside in the ground for 10 weeks of flower.

    Lots of ways to grow the herb and this is mine.
    Square pots give better root branching and prevent the "Coil of Taproot" found in round pots at transplant.

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